Budget Alternatives to My Expensive Thru-Hiking Gear // #1 Recommendations

Fenix 6 Pro Solar Watch:
Instinct Solar Watch:
Trek 100 Down Jacket:
Torrid Apex Jacket:
Enigma Quilt:
Econo Borrow Quilt:
Xlite Sleeping Pad:
Recharge Sleeping Pad:
Altaplex Tent:
Lanshan 1 Pro Tent:

Garmin InReach Mini:
Decathlon Down Jacket –
REI Flash 55 Pack:
Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt:
Garmin Fenix Watch:
Lanshan 1 Pro Tent:
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  • Budget lmaoo. Bro what here was budget?

  • You have no clue what a budget is dude. It’s all still overpriced. Try going a 1/4 or your “budget” prices. You gear isn’t hundreds of dollars better, not even close

  • Hello,altaplex tent is higher for taller person then lanshan pro ? me 6'2"

  • Dude you make great videos

  • I got the Hammock Gear Econo Burrow and I love it!

  • Last year and this year REI has put their 650 down jacket on sale for around US $70 or $80 and it's fantastic at that price point. Also, is Decathlon a Canadian-only company? I have never seen it for sales in the US. Anybody have recommendations for shopping it in US?

  • What kind of trekking poles do you use? I can't find a video of you mentioning it/them.

  • Instinct solar is currently on sale at REI for $250. Awesome deal
    The enlightened equipment torid Apex is $175 US

  • Great video with some helpful comparisons. One point, however, regarding the tents. The Durston XMid 1p and Six Moons Designs Lunar Solo also compete with the Lanshan, but utilize Sil Poly. Sil Poly doesn’t sag like nylon and is much more compressible than the ZPacks dyneema. Slightly more expensive than the Lanshan, but I feel more comparable to the benefits of the ZPacks.

  • I think one helpful video may be how to decide on what to buy cheaper and what to buy thats expensive. Like I'm considering a UGQ top quilt but a hammock gear econ under quilt. Definitely depends on the person but still think it would be great to hear about this type of philosophy in your pack including food, clothes, shoes, gear, etc. Great stuff as always from you.

  • I've got the decathlon trek for a year now and cost me 40 bucks. I'll be testing it out on the PCT. For this price, it's not worth for me buying a ghost whisperer or something. I'll change it if it underperforms

  • would the lanshan 1 pro be a good choice for a pct thruhike? I also own a nemo hornet 2 which is great as a solo hiker for the extra space and you can pitch it almost anywhere since it's semi-freestanding but I'm not sure if a lighter and smaller tent like the lanshan 1pro would suffice, since it stays inside of the pack most of the time anyway.

  • So my Dechatlon trek 100 finally arrived. What to say im so satisfied with jacket. Very warm, light and good fitting. Im 182 cm and around 80 kg, size L fits so good. I got it in petrol blue color and it cost me 389 Croatian Kuna. So its around 50€ here in Croatia!

  • I just came back from a trip to the Pisgah National Forest and took the Paria recharge Xl down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit using a thermarest questar zero degree bag with no problem at all. Great reviews!

  • Hey, is Dechatlon trek 100 down (blue) L size jacket fits same to you as your synthetic jacket L size (cause in other video you said it was snug fit so you bet XL). Maybe down jacket same size is a bit bigger?

  • It's always good to get more information out there. But all I was hearing during the description of the $400 and $800 watches was my brain telling me, "You already have almost all of those features on your phone." 🤣

    Take care!

  • As always another very informative video. I would to see you do a review on the new Decathlon store that recently opened up in the South Centre and how it compares to where you normally shop online.

  • Thanks for the post, expensive gear holds people back from experiencing the great outdoors. Need more videos like this 🙂

  • s k

    Thanks for the comparative review! I have the Torrid Apex and the Decathlon both. They are both nice, light, warm. You can get the custom Torrid Apex in 10D or 20D, so a little tougher than the 7D.

  • I just bought my first-ever down jacket yesterday. It was actually from sam's club and it was only $35! It's some sort of Eddie Bauer 650 fill hoodie. It's toasty warm and you can't beat the price

  • Another really good quality quilt option, very comparable in price/weight/etc to the HG Econ Burrow is the UGQ Bandit quilt!

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