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Lanshan 2 Original Tent (Amazon):
Lanshan 2 Original Tent (Aliexpress):
Lanshan 2 Pro Tent:
Paria Sleeping Pad:
Decathlon Foam Pad:
Paria Quilt:
Hammock Gear Quilt:
Naturehike Pack (Amazon):
Naturehike Pack (Aliexpress):

Lanshan Pro vs Original:
What is R-Value?:
What is the new R-Value ASTM Testing Standard?:
What is a Backpacking Quilt?:
Why Quilts are Awesome:
My Favorite Budget Gear:

This video goes over 4 budget backpacking pieces of gear that make up your “Big 3” – tent, backpack, and sleep system. This gear is meant to find the balance between, affordability, function, comfort, warmth, and weight all while being accessible right now.
Garmin InReach Mini:
Decathlon Down Jacket –
REI Flash 55 Pack:
Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt:
Garmin Fenix Watch:
Lanshan 1 Pro Tent:
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  • Hey Justin! Really hope you can help a fellow Canadian out! I just ordered the Lanshan 2 Pro from the 3FUL website and was curious roughly the cost of duty when you got the tent. I really wish there was a way they could include that in the price to take out the guess work. Thanks so much for all the great content! Cheers from Kelowna!

  • Hi from Victoria BC Justin. I really enjoy your videos and I've learned a lot from them. I was wondering if being from Alberta if you buy items from the US amazon store or the canadian amazon store. I'm interested in getting a Lanshan 2 Pro, however the link to the Lanshan tent on amazon goes to a tent that looks like the Lanshan but says it's a MIER tent. Is it the same thing but called something different in Canada? Sometimes I find in Canada our selection is limited, and I've heard that ordering the Lanshan from Aliexpress can make for a very very long wait. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  • Can you do a video on the rei backpacking bundle? It's their passage 2 tent, a sleeping bag, and pad for like $300

  • Justin man I've obsessively watched backpacking gear guides, you my man are the best.

  • Is the lanshan plus for taller peopel i'm 6'2"?

  • Nice One Justin. Just what I need.

  • Just got my Lanshan 2 Pro in the mail, guess I'm sleeping in the garden tonight

  • Just the video for budget starting gear I was looking for on a budget! Thank you so much man! All the Decathalon stuff you recommended in another video that I picked up was just awesome out on the trail for my son and my first 3 day AT trip with Him! Thanks for these vids with great budget yet quality options!!! What do you think about the Zpack Arc Hual 62L pack that is the one I'm leaning too for a nice piece of gear.

  • Anyone else follow Justin & upvote every video just because he comes off as such an enthusiastic, sweet-natured guy who they simply want to help do well?
    I follow a bunch of backpacking YTers, but the only other one I like as much as Justin is Jeremiah Stringer (that guy just seems positively huggable).
    Not in like a creepy stan way, just in a if-this-was-my-coworker-or-neighbour-I'd-really-want-to-be-friends way.
    These two just bring such a positive vibe to every video they make.

  • I have the Lanshan 1 and in the last two year I own it I only used ones.
    I don't like how small it is but the Lanshan 2 looks pretty good.
    Also the Paria sleeping pad is in the heavier side but very comfortable and excellent price.
    The quilt keeps me cold.

  • (Hyke and Byke) down sleeping bags are really cheap and insulation is amazing. Lots of fun colors and great features with no catch zippers and secondary zipper to stick your feet out design to regulate temperature. They also have short versions to save weight if you are a ultralight backpacker.
    (Gregory) also has amazing light backpacks that are more traditional with a brain top. Lots of bells and whistles with an adjustable length back for taller or shorter people.
    (Naturehike) makes a 1 person 3 season tent that is pretty lightweight for a free standing tent.

  • I’m going to go homeless so I’m gonna need all of that. My roomates are shitty people. Have to always clean up after them and I don’t have enough money to move out elsewhere. Luckily I still have a job and a car so, yeah it gonna be an adventure.

  • Hi Justin, can 2*25inc pad fit into this?

  • I've been experimenting with combinations of closed cell foam in addition to sleeping pad to find the warmest configuration. For me, putting the closed cell, reflective side up, between me and the pad produced the warmest combination.

    In theory, it's because you're not wasting warmth heating the air pad that will be leached into the environment and instead reflect it directly back.

  • Hi Justin. How would compare the recharge xl vs tensor insulated? Looking for a 3 seasons sleeping pad (first pad ever). Worth the extra 60$ usd ? Thanks

  • What backpack do you suggest for women. My daughter and will be hiking and camping 3 days/2 nights on Grand Canyon? Thanks for the excellent videos, I've been using the provided links for most of the gear.

  • I'm headed to Isle Royale where night temps can get down to the low 40s. I bought the Kelty Cosmic down 20 because I'ven ever used a quilt before, a pound heavier than the Paria 30 quilt. But after your review I bought the Paria quilt. Do you think its gonna keep me as warm as the kelty sleeping bag?

  • Love the budget series! People new to backpacking are looking at extreme costs to start. Providing budget options can get people off the couch and on the trail.

    As hikers get more experience, they can upgrade to cottage gear as their needs require.

  • Black Wolf make a 55L backpack that weighs only 1290grams (B-Lite 55l). If you can fit everything in it it's a pretty good budget almost ultralight option. They call it a day pack but I've used it for multi day hikes and was pretty happy with it. Good video Justin.

  • I picked up a carbon fiber pole from AliExpress for my Lanshan, It works great.

  • I have a question.
    What is the best 3 season or all season 3-4 person tent?

  • Great video. Also I appreciate that you are not just recommending the priciest things there are!

  • R value of 3 vs estimated 4.7? thats a chilly summer pad vs soooolid winter pad, its a huge difference. They're straight up lying about the R-value then, its not even close. Kinda suspect

  • Justin, I can’t decide one what quilt to buy. I don’t think I’ll ever sleep in weather that’s below 30. Would you recommend their thermodown 30 degree quilt? It’s backs a little smaller and that’s what I need.

  • Somebody posted this on one of my Facebook hiking pages in Australia, I've since been watching quite a few if your videos. Amazing quality, excellent filming locations and tons of information!
    Glad I came across your channel, subbed!

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