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I tried to do an entire backpacking trip for $200 or less! Over the course of ten years working in the outdoor industry, I’ve had access to affordable, high-quality gear and been able to test and ask questions from the experts around me before choosing to buy. I’m so grateful for this experience, but I know that for many people, backpacking and hiking can be quite an investment. I challenged myself to start from square one, acquire all my backpacking gear and take a trip – all for under $200! If you have an REI near you where you can rent gear, I highly recommend that. $200 is enough to take an amazing backpacking trip with great gear if you have access to REI rentals, but for this challenge I decided to see how far I could get without renting anything. Watch the video to see how that turned out… 🙂 I hope you enjoy my $200 budget backpacking adventure!

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Trail: Baker Lake –

Baker Lake is on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish and Skagit people.

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  • You should do this in Japan! Japanese thrift stores have really good used camping gear

  • I'm pretty sure full time backpackers backpack with almost 0 dollars in their pockets….also walmart or any other store besides REI will save you money

  • I'm guessing gas/transportation was not included in the $200 🤔

  • I'd love to see a video on tips for women solo backpacking/camping/hiking!
    Love this show!

  • you forgot about the cost of gas to drive to the trailhead.

  • Thank you for making these videos! What are those trading sites called? Would those be good places to trade a 75 L backpack for a smaller 65 L pack?

  • On tents, I've spent several nights under cheap poly tarps in the past and they worked great. Not ideal, and a bit heavy, but they work in a pinch.

  • i would hope so…all you need is a backpack sleepign bag energy bars and some water…….if that costs you over even 100 dollars your doing something wrong >_< thumbs down

  • You had some epic finds there. The sleeping bag and boots and pack were amazing deals. The food you brought was substandard and silly. avocado? beer? 3rd world crap food like tortillas? hard pass.

  • If you have a bit of time, it's actually pretty easy to hit close to that budget; the trick is planning far enough ahead that you can accommodate stated shipping times (keeping in mind that generally, the cheaper something is online, the longer it will take to reach you).
    I got my 90litre pack off eBay for like AU$35, my cushiest pad + pillow off Amazon for AU$60 (& my cheap one for like 3/5s that) + AU$39 respectively, my stove off eBay for AU$18, my tent from a military surplus store for about AU$90, I had an old sleeping bag from years ago when I was a Girl Guide + spent the extra $20 or so for a fleece liner (to insure against the possibility the fill might have flattened over the years of neglect) , & I make my own meals.
    That comes to $262, so not quite under $200, but the difference is invested into the sleep system, which is pretty crucial. I could admittedly have trimmed some fat by passing up my 8cm deep, horizontally-baffled sleeping pad for the thinner – but still surprisingly sleepable – large hexi-cell 5cm deep "bubble-wrap" one. That would have made it $229.

    Now, admittedly none of that stuff is especially technical, or ultralight, or made to last , but it gets me out there (with the option to save up for better in the meantime), & it is light enough for me to lug without too much trouble on a bushwalk of a couple of kms or so at a time without a rest.

  • I worked at the local college, and they allowed students/faculty/staff to borrow any camping gear they wanted from our Outdoors Club. That might be another free/cheap option for some folks.

    Fun video! 🙂

  • Guess the point is not to buy sub-par gear for 200 but rent from REI for 200…

  • REI just trying to sell more memberships. Give it a rest already

  • I don't understand the stressing over the tent. Walmart's $27 tent is pretty great.

  • I would have put the sleeping pad against my back to pad the pack frame rails.

  • Basically you proves you can't get gear for under $200.

  • What is the base weight?!?!

  • Really liked that !!
    Could you do a "budget food" video for multiple days ? 🙂

    Love your show 😍

  • its getting scary on how much it cost just to get into a park or just using there trail heads to leave your car

  • I wish an REI near me did rentals, what a great way to see what gear would work for me. Most of the midwest seems to lack REI rentals, closest to me is Chicago, which is not close.

  • I'm a first time backpacker( starting from 2 weeks in the future hahaha) and spent 500 dollars on basic equipment. :O It's expensive to start off because u need to buy all the lightweight gear, also I'm a plus-sized woman and since my country doesn't acknowledge the fact that there are big people who want to camp and hike I needed to buy 2 sets of mummy bag and will zip them together ..:D so that alone cost 36 dollars which is a lot in my country ( Hungary) where an average income a month is 450 dollars, it's a freaking joke …anyway, I brought my gear after watching so so many first timer tutorial videos from you and all the other professionals out there and here I am 2 weeks away from my trip full of excitement! 😀 I'm going to Sweden for my first trip and do a few days hike/camp. Can't wait to be shitlessly scared alone in the woods in my tent !

  • T H

    I will likely get a bunch of hate for saying this, but I found this to be a very irresponsible video. It's one thing for an experienced backpacker to go bargain hunting for gear – you likely know about gear quality and safety. It's very different for a noob to go bargain shopping for gear and supplies. That could lead to a very unsafe situation for that backpacker.

    Going out into the backcountry with little to no experience and cheap gear is not a good idea.

  • To wear the poncho easier lower the top bar on the frame of the pack
    That Kelty pack is a classic

  • Impressive! I def appreciate the frugality, honesty, & diversity of brands…i really want to go backpacking again (borrowed the equip last time) & have some decent gear of my own. Didn't realize how affordable it could be, tbh! Now I want to hit some yard sales, esp since I live near the mountains!

  • I live near a big city with some camp sites that are accessible by transit. I don't have a tent right now. What's the better investment? 1 person or 2 person tent? it will most likely just be me. is having a bit more space in the tent worth it? I normally go with friends an use there gear I do have some of my own.

  • I'm digging the Amazon specials.
    The gear is a little heavy, however.

  • that $13 Kelty find is borderline cheating lol

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