Budget Wild Camping Gear on Decathlon – My Top 10 Backpacking Products

Here are my Top 10 wild camping gear products from Decathlon. They have some cracking budget backpacking gear that represents excellent value for money. I’ve chosen 10 different items to help you start backpacking in the uk.

There is a mixture of Decathlons own in-house brands including Forclaz, Quechua and Solognac backpacking kit. These are superb cheap wild camping gear products.

Included are:
Backpacking Tent

Sleeping Mat & Pad

Sleeping Bag

Camping Stove

Camping Cookset

Backpack Bag


Camping Chair

Backpacking Mug

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Thanks, Andy

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  • NOTE: All the links to the products are in the description.

  • I have the 2-man version of the tent you mention and the chair also as well as other bits and pieces, all excellent stuff. The tent specifically is modular, in that you can buy replacement parts for everything if you damage or break something – I'm sure major manufacturers would off the same, but not so much the Naturehike type (I could be wrong) and you'd have to buy the whole thing again… I'm lucky I have a Decathlon just down the road from me and I love their stuff and I probably spend too much time in there… Thumbs up for other videos you've created like this one, for Amazon and Go OutDoors. Thanks for the info and all the other reviews and information your adding to your channel… I'm busy working my way through all your videos. Great content 👍

  • What a nice video, my friend! Great backpacking equipment review! Enjoyed watching, very useful info. Cheers from Russia, man, and welcome to my channel about bushcraft tips and hacks! Kind regards, Yuriy! 🙂

  • Brilliant video 📹thanks 👍

  • Still get a shock when I turn YouTube on and see you! You're doing an amazing job, which seems to be much appreciated. I especially love the enthusiasm you convey.

  • The stove is not half the price of an MSR pocket rocket, the pocket rocket costs between £30 and £35, and way better.

  • Loving the positivity Andy. Can’t help but smile with your videos. Keep it up! Have an OEX 300. Thinking of the red 400. Any thoughts on the OEX Helios down sleeping bags?

  • Hi Andy, another great vid! I really like this series your doing. I discovered Decathlon recently and can't recommend them enough. The value for money they offer along with the quality of their items is fantastic. Their clothing for hiking is great too!

  • 90% of my underwear comes from decathlon running range kaleji i think. Trek 500 down jacket,trek 500 windwarm jacket,gaiters,fleeces,sit pad,flask,buff,waterproof backpack cover. Lots of good quality stuff in decathlon. My only option is shop online so a lil disapointed they now charge £8 delivery. Id much rather have that,than the scam that is the discount card from gooutdoors, 1 jacket £40 forced to pay the £5 discount card (£45) to get £4 off (£41) so in reality its a scam. Good show,keep it up.

  • Andy for the silly questions, if I had a inflatable mattress, does that mean u still need a roll mat. And vice versa

  • D S

    Andy, Thank you, love what you are doing with your channel.

  • Some great items, think I'll go there tomorrow. Have you looked on wish for a cheap haul ? I've had alot of good bargains from them and if your prepared to wait it's a good site .

  • I really liked Decathlon. They used to do free delivery of you spent over £30, I bought lots. Then they changed delivery fees so I buy NOTHING… 🤪

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