Budget Wild Camping Gear Review – Cheap Backpacking Gear Load Out!

Hi guys, here is my budget backpacking gear review. These budget camping gear items range from 20p to £40. Just because they are cheap wild camping gear purchases doesn’t mean they aren’t great pieces of backpacking kit. This cheap wild camping gear comes from Amazon, Ebay, B&M, Naturehike, OEX and Go Outdoors.


Ebay camping equipment includes my £18 Lixada camping stove,

Amazon backpacking gear includes my £35 Antur Supply Co sleeping pad, £10 gas canister filler, £6 twin pack of foldable wine flasks, £8 waterproof mat and £6 sit pad.

B&M hiking gear includes a £2 5L collapsible water tank, 30p flapjack and 20p energy bars perfect for hiking.

Naturehike camping gear includes £10 tent pegs, £6 tent guy ropes and £12 tent booties.

Go Outdoors wild camping gear includes my £10 OEX backpacking skillet, £14 OEX camping cookset, £10 Trangia camp stove, £1.5 BCB solid fuel stove including £1.80 Fire Dragon fuel, £3.5 lantern, £5 & £7 OEX towels and £28 OEX sleeping bag.

Planet X camping gear includes my £35 Jobsworth X2 all in one camping stove and my £1 collapsible cup.

Other backpacking kit includes my £6 Platypus foldable water bottle, £7 Sea to Summit collapsible cup and £13 GSI Outdoors foldable wine flask.

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00:00 Budget Wild Camping Gear Intro
00:41 Go Outdoors Backpacking Gear
01:36 Water & Wine Collapsible Containers
02:33 Trangia Camping Stove
03:02 Camping Pillow & Lantern
03:49 Camping Sit Mat and Sit Pad
04:50 Solid Fuel Camping Stove
05:46 Hiking Energy Bars
06:21 Wild Camping Towels
06:52 Budget Naturehike Camping Gear
08:19 Gas Canister Filler
09:05 Planet X Jobsworth Backpacking Gear
10:36 OEX Hiking Gear
11:04 Lixada Wood Stove
11:50 Lightweight Camping Table
12:25 Inflatable Wild Camping Sleeping Pad
13:10 Camping Sleeping Bag
13:54 Final Summary

Thanks, Andy.

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All prices stated in the video are what I paid. Prices of camping gear fluctuate a lot so the prices in the links may differ to what I paid. All prices below are current as of 09.04.2021. Note that I purchased the gear in the video from Black Friday 2020 to 31.03.2021. Note that with Go Outdoors there are often offer codes to be used in addition to sale prices!

£1.99 BCB Fire Dragon ‘Esbit’ Stove

£3 Sit Mat

£10 Mini Pocket Blanket

£10 Gas Canister Filler

£6 Wine Flask

£12 Camping Table

79p Jobsworth collapsible cup

or similar from Amazon

£35 Jobsworth X3 camping stove

£29 Jobsworth X2 camp stove

£29 Jobsworth X2 camp stove including coffee press

£22 Lixada Titanium Stove

or similar from Amazon

£39 Antur Supply Co Sleeping Pad

or my other favourite on Amazon

£12 Trangia Camping Stove

or from Amazon

£4 Lantern

or similar on Amazon

Naturehike Store for:
Tent pegs

£22 OEX Sola X Cookset

£35 OEX Summer Sleeping Bag

£5 OEX Hand Towel

£12 OEX Body Towel

£20 OEX T-Shirt

Platypus Soft Bottles

or similar on

Please note the amazon link is what everyone sees and pays but I receive a miniscule finders fee when people use the link. It all goes back into backpacking gear!

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