Bushbox LF Titanium – Best Compact Lightweight Backpacking folding Cooker for hiking, backpacking,

A full review of the Bushbox LF Titanium Edition.
A bit of lunch using the Bushbox LF, a compact, lightweight, folding, backpacking cooker.

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The Bushbox LF, where the LF stands for ‘large folding’ or ‘Large Folding and is available in stainless steel and titanium, and is the smaller brother of the Bushbox XL and part of the whole bushbox range:

In this review, the outdoor, bushcraft, titanium model and cook up a quick snack showing how efficient this lightweight, foldable cooker really is.

Ideal for backpacking, hiking, survival and bushcraft, the LF is made in Germany by Bushcraft Essentials and available here I the UK and worldwide.

This is one of the best lightweight compact camping cookers that can use natural fuel as well as fuel tablets or a trangia burner.

This titanium folding camping stove it is very lightweight and compact making it ideal for a bugout bag or even as EDC gear and makes wild cooking easy.

Definitely one of the best hiking cookers, it is also ideal to add to your kit when backpacking and is as good as any of the top backpacking stoves around today.
This titanium camping stove proved to be more than adequate for boiling up a mug of water for my coffee, as well as being a very efficient camping stove for all types of camp cooking.

A very good stove for bugout or a SHTF scenario, especially as it is so lightweight and compact, and folds down very small.

In my opinion, the Bushbox LF Titanium edition is an excellent folding camp stove.

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