California family found dead on Sierra National Forest hiking trail

The investigators are looking into whether toxic algae caused their deaths.

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  • There are 6 poisons that are very hard to detect in the human body thallium, Arsenic, cyanide, polonium, Ethylene glycol and oleander . The usual protocol on poisonings is they check for about 100 different poisons that are the usual suspects however these are not the more harder to find in the human body poisons. Thallium and oleander would be the ones id be checking , i work fo different doctors and i asked a few of them what poisons are the hardest to detect and that was their answers

  • Hard to imagine what an awful death that baby had to endure because these two new parents couldn't use some common sense and stay the hell home and raise their kid. Kids that young shouldn't be out in the woods in my opinion.

  • Does anyone happen to know how much time there was between the time they departed on their hike and the point at which they were found?

  • That cop seems kinda fidgety whn he;s talking like he knows something is up

  • I think it's simpler than most of the conspiracy theories suggest. They left for the hike early when it was cool. Around that area it can get over 100 degrees easily this time of year. Probably died of heat exhaustion. If it really was gunshots or some form of murder, it would be quite obvious. The sun killed them.

  • No one else around?πŸ€”

  • A month later and still no update on cause of death.

  • From toxic relationships like in the petito case to toxic algae?!?

  • Here we go again, another missing 411 case!

  • Why aren't there more dead animals birds ect.

  • Yeah that's right give society a explanation they can except.We wouldn't want to alarm them with the truth.That may not be appropriate for society.We have to have a logical reason.Its not right .The loved ones do not have to hear a smoothed over explanation.Why can't they admit they don't have the answers.The dog is not going to die at the same time..Humuns would not die that quick.They would get really sick first.The familey was not drinking or swimming in the water.They had there own drinking water.The autopsy would show it. Its funny society excepts the world in which we live.What were told and we expect when were not being told the truth.

  • Should be more news on this by know. It's been a month.

  • Missing 411. There! Case solved.

  • and i heard the husband is now gone missing.. this is sus


  • So, they would all four need to drink the toxic water to die, or is there some gas in the air? Wouldn't there be dead animals all over the place?

  • Today is September 18 2021 and I still have not heard anything…

  • Unfortunately, it looks like this story has been phased out of the news cycle. It’s all about Gabby Petito now!

  • It broke my heart over the baby and the dog, just those two. btw, the mystery is staring at you in the face, it's called "lack of common sense." It tends to happen when the head of the household/leader of the pack, was from another country, and thought that in America, everything is possible, including defying mother nature.

  • God rest their souls. So horrifying

  • Prayers to their family πŸ’›

  • I know there's info there not giving out for respect for the family right now. But just questions
    1. Why are they allowing anyone to hike in this park unless they are certain no one else would be harmed in the same way?
    2. First question brings me to did they poison themselves?
    If there letting people hike in an area that a whole family dies with their dog and really don't have an idea of cause would be reckless on the police and the park for putting people endanger.
    2.. Does it look as everyone past at the same time or does it seem someone out lived the others?
    3. If carbon monoxide was the cause usually the bodies will show signs in skin tone change and usually easy to tell by experts.
    4. They say the temp. Was in triple digits,
    I think about carbon monoxide,methane gas or other poison in the air.
    If it was cool light fog(triple digits temps less rain usually no fog) maybe no breeze and they were in a low lying area (like being at the bottom of a bowl).were not much air movement.
    Wonder if there is something in area people could mistake as food(mushrooms,etc.) That would do that?
    Only time I've hurried everyone getting taken out like that methane gas. Big bubble released out of bottom of lake or farmers going in poor ventilated areas, workers pulling man hole covers off an methane so strong they pass out right then. But of was gas then why are they letting people hike that area? That's the real question.

  • A warning using the word proliferate!! C'mon!! Many people wouldn't know what that means……not coz they're stupid but coz it's not a word you use or hear very often! Why can't you say multiply or increase instead and make warnings clear and understandable to everyone.

  • This poor family and their little dog πŸ˜₯πŸ’•πŸ•―οΈπŸŒΉ

  • In all respect….
    ALIENS πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½

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