Camping gear I should have got sooner

Camping gear I should have got sooner

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Other items used in this video
Soto Windmaster Stove
UGQ Outlaw Hybrid Quilt
Sea to Summit Sleeping pad
Katadyn Befree water filter

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Camping gear I use:
(The Best Quilt) UGQ Bandit Quilt
Jetboil Minimo (amazon link)
Jetboil pan (amazon link)
Jetboil Utensils (amazon link)
Little Nalgene bottles or (amazon link)
Orange Mug (amazon link)
Osprey exos pack (amazon link)
Thermarest Sleeping Pads (amazon link)
Thermarest pump (amazon link)
Exped sleeping pad (amazon link)
Exped pump sack (amazon link)
Hilleberg Soulo Tent (amazon link)
Rab sleeping bag (amazon link)
Mini Stool (amazon link)
Thermarest Sleeping Pads (amazon link)
MSR pocket rocket stove (amazon link)
Tent no longer in manufacture. Here’s the newer model (amazon link)
Nite Ize Gear Ties (amazon link)
Pillow (amazon link)
BeFree water filter (amazon link)
Aeropress coffee press (amazon link)
Rab Unishelter bivi (amazon link)
Big Agnes mat (amazon link)
Thermarest Z-lite (amazon link)
Thermarest pump sack (amazon link)
Fizan hiking poles (amazon link)
Trekology Sleeping pad (amazon link)
Lanshan 1 tent (amazon link)
folding table (amazon link)
Trangia Stove (amazon link)
SOTO Windmaster Stove (amazon link)
Mini Pot Grips (amazon link)
Salomon Boots (amazon link)
Foil mat (amazon link)
or Amazon
(amazon link)

Before you go wild camping, please check the laws in your area as you may be trespassing if you camp or pitch your tent without permission to do so.

More info here:

This video filmed with:
(amazon link)
(amazon link)
(amazon link)

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  • How on earth did you pack that wooden tent into your 35 litre pack. Incredible.

  • i would of kept watching ya vids untill you used square space you tube become just advertisements for them and there web space is crappest avail sorry to see you go that yway iwont be watching the vids any more

  • Walking poles is on my 2022 Hit List for sure 🙂

  • I have long handled tea spoons at home. Once you go long handles, you never go back.

  • Carbon fiber walking poles?!?? Yeah, if you're ready. In a pinch, straight branches. A spoon???!??? What in the actual… Earplugs? Nice, you won't hear the bear outside your tent. Satellite communicator???????? I bet he's never needed it because he's camping in the Midlands. He could walk to London in 2 and a half days on his carbon fiber poles. He could walk to the road in 20 minutes and wave down a car. A plastic bottle, brilliant mate, 'owed you think of that? A fire source, a sleeping pad, again, effing brilliant mate. Might as well list a jumper as well. Such utter bullshit. I can summarize this in one sentence… "Buy a fully-loaded caravan." Bloody hell.

  • Having worked in construction before retiring, I got used to wearing ear plugs. However, I'm hesitant to using them while camping, mainly because of safety. For example, if something, or someone is going about my camp, or trying to enter my truck when I use that, I may not hear them in time. I do still use them from time to time, though. If you plan on using the same ear plugs all the time you need to sanitize them regularly, or at least clean them. I don't think you want to be out and about camping and get an ear infection. Stay safe out there.

  • You cant go far wrong with militarry nato type kit.
    If you go light weight its not always effective as you need to get something more substantial eventually. Remember military kit is built to last and used in all type of conditions generally.
    Its what most of mine is thesdays, but do have some civvy kit too, but mostly non essential for that.

  • Good vid Paul! Love your lifestyle! 😉

  • Recommend the msr windburner (essentially a more efficient jetboil) and any sea to summit stuff has a lot of thought put into it

  • I got a Therm-a-rest NeoAir X-lite pad this year, wish I'd got it sooner, it's light & packs down so small! Also bought proper layers this year – merino base & down jacket are incredibly warm, absolutely love them. Sawyer mini-filter and MSR pocket rocket II I've had since my first solo trip, but I wouldn't go without them.

  • So I got a mystery ranch overload and all the things I can add to it can make it go from a 4000cu bag to a 2000. I usually carry 2-3k during the summer and then add all my winter gear in the additional 1k sustainment bag. Can’t recommend mystery ranch enough

  • idt plugging ur ears while u sleep in the wilderness is a good idea.

  • great tip about the ear plugs. i have a hard time sleeping in general but i dont mind plugs at all for work or shooting. when i used to go to bars and clubs i put plugs in and it did wonders.

    im piecing together my own jet boil setup right now and have to get the long utensils! i didnt think about that!

  • Garmin have a design office in my town in Cochrane, Alberta.

  • I have enjoyed the Jetboil for a decade+. The integral heat exchanger fins greatly improve its efficiency and serve as a good windscreen. Also, since the stove interlocks with the cup, and since the fins trap much of the heat, you can hold the cup WHILE it's cooking and not get burned. This helps when there's no stable/level cooking surface and also allows use of your body as an additional wind shield.

  • Its funny how a smaller pack forces you to make choices. Rarely, not always but RARELY, have i missed the things i left at home. Bigger packs have their place but they also let you bring more crap.

  • That’s sleeping pad is way too big

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. Good man. Guys Love Gear . . . ! ! !

  • I wouldn't actually recommend ear plugs when you're camping depending on where you chose to go camping. If there's dangerous wildlife in the area earplugs could prevent you from waking up if they're in your camp site.

  • Try the HPG Ute pack. You will never want to use another another after that

  • light weight windproof gloves…..

  • Long handled spoon to keep fingers out of the pouch, nice, never even thought about that, will have to pick one of those up!

    Completely agree about the poles. I had the same mentality about them myself – “too young for that.” But borrowed a buddy’s poles for a trip last summer – I was sold on them immediately!

  • I’d have to say my hammock was the biggest game changer for me. Far more comfortable than my tents. And, yes, hiking poles for sure.

  • Hello Paul, I appreciate the advice of your experience, but I give you a warning, hot water in a plastic food bag is not the most advisable. If the materials you advise, such as the sleeping bag, are of the highest quality, we can take a metal container (light) and eat in it. Thanks for your attention and a greeting.

  • I thought it said, “ camping gear I should have got as a stoner.”

  • Earplugs???? Heck no

  • I have long used my sleeping bag as a quilt. I sleep much better, and because I'm more comfortable it is at least as warm as zipped up (except in high winds).

  • Mel

    Bet those guys at REI love to see you coming. They can sell you lots of krap.

  • have you tried using a thermarest

  • Just watched your video. I have spent a lifetime in the woods and also spent many years training cadets in outdoor skills. Gotta say I agree totally with your observations. Long spoon “ a must if your using de-hi. Ear plugs, hell yes, both in the environment you mention but also in a hut or lodge with a bad snorer. Jet boil!! Hell yes. Good sleeping mat. Great advice. Quilt, also great advice. Pack size, also great advice. Well done mate. Keep it up.

  • Ear plugs made me question why I'm watching this channel…

  • For me, it's the Big Agnes Q-Core SLX pad. That thing is ridiculously comfortable. You pay for it though.

  • I take reusable earplugs every time I spend the night somewhere else. I've run into too many people who make obscene amounts of noise, whether snoring or what. I'll never look back.

  • “A fiver”…. is that 5 pounds?

  • What's the difference between a quilt that zips up into a sleeping bag, and a sleeping bag that unzips down into a quilt?

  • Hi Paul, just found your channel and appreciate all the knowledge you are imparting. Just hit 64 last week and after a life time of working in offices overseas I am starting to take up Hiking & walking back here in the UK. Maybe later I will try Wild Camping at some point but for now its start slowly and work my way up. Thanks again and I will pour through your vids before asking any questions you may have already answered elsewhere. Good luck with the channel and your leap of faith.

  • Paul, just to let you know, I'm funding your lifestyle with all the kit I'm buying. Enjoy your freedom. LOL.

  • Thanks for the video, very helpful. I love my Jetboil and would change it for anything. Thanks again.

  • if you use earplugs you wont hear mountain crackheads or forest blacks coming for you

  • Great video. Thank you so much.

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