Carabiner Bungee Cords for camping, Hiking and backpacking

One of the questions I get most is, “Where did I get them cloth covered bungees ?” This video pretty much covers what they are, who makes them and how I modify them.

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  • Wow, I love this! I might cheat and use cloth, long strips of Velcro, and glue. πŸ™‚

  • You are the "Q" of bush crafting. (Think James Bond)

  • Tied up my first ridgeline in a long time in the freezing wind….. MΓ‘n, that fidgeting with that cord tying knots above your head has me convinced I gonna need me some bungee cords! Thanks for this video.

  • that bungee bowl stove is brilliant!

  • Thanks for the tutorial! Only five years later but timeless info there buddy.

  • Cloth table…meh…you could make that brother…but those round razor blade cloth cutters are outstanding. I've cut 9oz saddle leather with one.

  • how much weight will they hold

  • Just get so much out of your videos thank you so much watch you everyday after work.

  • Carabungeebiners!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I appreciate your videos. I'm glad you share your knowledge. Thank you

  • Very Nice. I Will incorporate The Bend but not Break into the Next greenhouse covering. If I had carabinier bungee cord to the Bottom of the Covering the Side Seam would not have been relocated to the Roof When the Hippo Hog was coming through the Bottom of the greenhouse to eat half a cup of Rooster Food. Lol
    ( The neighbor said he was gone for a month. I'm surprised that Hog was still alive, and no wonder it wanted to eat me 😎 All's well that ends well) Bungee Bottoms it isπŸ‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘

  • Hello! I'm from germany and it's hard to find these keeper bungee cords. I have just found a site called where I can order the bungee cords for a very low price. My problem is that I'm absolutely unsure If I can trust that website. Is anybody here who knows that website. I need a little help. Thank you Hardy

  • Thanks dave
    I can't find those bungees in the uk so I have ordered some 6mm bungee cord and will tie sine different lengths to sine caribenas

  • @ the end: "Be flexible or you'll break" That's a good one!

  • Like most if not all your vids this is great but, these keeper carabiner bungees are so expensive, can they be made in house? (I may not have come across that vid yet as I’ve decided to view them all while in lockdown).

  • Hey a sewing machine is a power tool man!

  • Would you be able to make me the bowl holder and grills you have shown. I do not have a means of making any and would love to have one to take out with me. No worries if not, but I would buy one from you if you find it in you. Thanks for allll your videos, I am a big fan of all of your content. You have a new way to a lot of things and always makes total sense

  • If you can sew… It beats paying someone else to do it. Good job.
    Say?, in Missouri, Minnesota, California and Florida.. (some places)… If you tied your backpack to a tree that way…it would be so full of ticks…they might carry it off… Doesn't GA have ticks?

  • I bought 2 just from watching a few of ur vids.i recently went on Amazon and bought 1 48 in.i liked it so much without even trying it I bought I just viewed this video cause I remembered u talking about them.well just so turns out I bought the rite brand but longer then u recommended for the pack.all good after watching this video I realize I can use them for other set ups. I'm going to order the 24 in.thanks Dave.great help.dont have a sewing machine. Have to work ok on of hand sewing. πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ”₯

  • Great video and I always use bungees for my tarp because of the wind. Being from bicycle country and no swamps we have these bungees they use on bicycles (and a lot of other things) in different lengths and cheap as f***. They have hooks and not carabiners.
    When I set up camp, either hammock or just the tarp, I have the fixed cord with loops for around the tree so my bungees never rub against anything.
    But we don't have swamps here and never visited a swamp area and I can definitely understand why you want to elevate everything. Even the fire pit.
    All in all good craftsmanship and I'm also a guy that knows how to use a sewing machine.
    It's all about skills.

  • Cool video, Thanks! Out of passing interest, there is a knot that works well for putting loops in the end/s of bungee… it's the 'Angler's loop'; see Wikipedia for details. Not many knots do well in bungee, as most tend to 'crawl out' over time, but not so with the Angler's. Note that it's not the best choice for rope and the like as it hopelessly jams if subjected to any significant tension.

  • Thanks for the video . How about using an old mountain bicycle innertube cut the valve off and being that it's rubber stretch it over the carabinier first try putting dishwashing soapy water over carabinier to make the inner tube slide easier. Now the bungee is waterproof

  • Love it reminds me of watching Blue Peter as a kid ,well minus the knives that is ! lol

  • What I like about you David is you don’t take yourself too seriously. Thanks for another great video. And tell Nick a great job filming the deep woods segment. How old is he now?

  • You had me at wok in the woods.

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