Cheap Camping Gear for Beginners – Full Backpacking Kit Under $50

It’s possible to buy everything you need for camping, backpacking, and hiking for under $50! I purchased a tent, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and all the other gear I needed as cheap as possible. This video shows how I used thrift stores and Walmart to buy the best used outdoor gear for a beginner!

I put this kit together to show that anyone can get into camping and you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

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  • This is the video I have thought should be made every time I watch other videos that claim to be working on a tight budget. Thank you for making it! I think of all the parents with kids in scouting who are going to try backpacking and know they can not afford a $100, $200, or $500 kit for there kids to experience backpacking. I hope you inspire lots of folks to give it a try. Also, folks rarely start out hiking alone so some of those items can have the cost split between 2 people like the tent and cook pot. That would make room to add in a little backpacking stove which is easier for beginners to cook on. Thanks again.

  • Frugality is underrated! Great video, and I’m very proud if you young man!!

  • I have budget and expensive gear. I like to adjust my kit constantly to learn what I like or challenge myself. This is one of the best budget videos on YouTube, should have many more views. Got my sub for sure brother.

  • It would be cook to see a video of you using all of this gear on a trip

  • If you do this, you go hike and camp ONCE and then never again.

  • nice video 👍🏼

  • You forgot a few other important things , map, compass, knife, lighter( bic), cooker ( I'm in Normandy France and NO campfires are allowed when camping)

  • You said do what you want so I subscribed lol I like that you mentioned it's a new channel and your looking for support. So here it is.

  • this is great! would love to see more! <3

  • R K

    Great video, watched all of it

  • Nice job on this video. One thing I would add is, if you are going to buy used gear, test it out in the back yard before you head out into the wilds. You don’t want to be 5 or 10 miles from anywhere, an find out your tent leaks.

  • DUDE! Loved your video! You summed up everything you need and NOT need for camping. Especially the snotty camping sh!t of gear the camping industry tries to shove down your throat. Patagof*€kyourself! Ammi right!? Thanks!

  • Loved watching. I just need to look at all the local thrift good will stores. Thanks great job.

  • You forgot to include a trowel, they sell them at the dollar store really cheap

  • Trying to go backpacking on this kind of budget is just reckless. If this is your budget buy a book on backpacking and read about it until you can afford it. Would you buy a 50.00 boat and go in the ocean? Why not….your budget decides what is necessary right. My 3 lb base weight is way smarter than this whole set up.

  • I have been camping for years and this is probably the most true to reality getting into backpacking cheap video. So many people are like "you need this" or "you need that". To be honest, I recommend people try out day hikes before trying out backpacking and that is even cheaper.

  • Lol this is the best video. You scored great gear w patience and being budget minded

  • That was absolutely awesome! Awesome! I did look at thrift stores for the ultra light kind of hiking clothes everyone wears like you said and way way too expensive. I did find a down packable puffy coat for $4.40!. I found a LL bean ultra light wind jacket $4.00! I found a lightweight 80 % merino wool sweater $1.00! A Columbia fleece for $4.99! I already have a rain coat. Its a French army I got at a military surplus for ten dollars. Its great! I got a down sleeping bag for $4.99! That was a big score! Its rip stop with ykk zippers. But someone ripped the tag off so I don't know what brand it is. I found an original boy scouts of America cook kit for $3.00! Not much luck yet with a tent as you said that one being hard. But they did over the one person backpacking tent at Walmart. Its like $ 27.00. Comes seam sealed. I might just grab that because backpacking season is almost here! Awesome video!

  • This is actually amazing, thank you.

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