Couple Vanished Hiking in BC & Wife Finds Hunter Dead from 2 shots, Her hands test + 4 GSR


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In today’s video we will first be discussing the very bizarre disappearance of a young couple who was hiking near Valentine Lake, British Columbia, Canada on September 4, 2010. Jonathan Jetté and Rachel Bagnall were a young couple in love and very into physical fitness and the outdoors. This was set to be their last hiking trip together before Rachel would be moving to Columbia to do volunteer work for underprivileged communities. They were supposed to be back in Vancouver on September 6, however, when they were several days late, Rachel’s sister contacted the RCMP and SAR. The search got started right away and by helicopter they located Jonathan’s car on Spetch Creek Forest Service Road (that lead to Valentine Lake) it was roughly a 5 hour hike from where they found the car.. no other trace of the couple has ever been found.. in this video i discuss all the details and added searches that were done.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Jonathan Jetté and Rachel Bagnall, all their friends, and everyone who worked so hard trying to find them🙏🙏 I hope they can be brought home to you one day soon🙏🙏

The second case is the first part of a story of a couple living alone in a remote area of Colorado. After they had their Thanksgiving dinner, the next day John decided to go out for a hunt. he left early in the am and was only supposed to be gone for a few hours.. his wife said she heard what she thought was a shot around noon, however, she didn’t go out looking for him until almost 4pm. She found him deceased next to a fence from 2 gunshot wounds.. The police would later test her for GSR which she said was positive due to practicing at a range earlier in the day. Her story continued to fall apart.. in this video I cover the first part of the story and in my next video I will be sharing the conclusion.

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