DANGEROUS PEOPLE ON THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL: Our tips on staying safe & our encounter w/ James Jordan

Welcome back to another post trail video on topics surrounding the Appalachian Trail. In this video we will be talking about three tips on how to stay safe from people with bad intentions on the AT as well as a short discussion about bringing a gun. We will also be telling our story of how we implemented those tips when we came into contact with James Jordan formally known as Sovereign.

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  • I KNOW IT WARY NOT WEARY. Please don’t comment this correction. Thank to the hundreds who have reminded me daily of my mistake 😐😂

  • Great idea. ."safe word"…hey baby…I think that peanut butter dude is thinking about murdering us!"..let's keep on hiking….

  • I'm most definetly bringing a gat with me on the trail

  • Fanny pack and a simple hammer less 38 with +p rounds. A rock solid defense team including bail, and millions is lawyers is less than 600 per year. Enjoy the trip while keeping your head on a swivel. Peace✌️

  • Here's a novel idea people………..CARRY A FUCKING GUN!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm hoping to thru-hike year after next. Who can you inform about people who seem off? Local police ? NPS?

  • Hello y'all!
    I really appreciate your concerns for my Safety. I really would like some peanut butter, but not often.
    Have you explored McAfees Knob or Dragon's Tooth?
    These are the closest places near where we live; and are my favorite places(so far) on the AT.
    Happy Trails~

  • You wanna get away from the crazies and go hiking.. and then you find crazies there too..

  • I catch so much hate for it but this is exactly why I carry.

  • I know I’m late to this, but new to your vid. I’ve got a question that’s nagging at me: You new he was slipping into an episode and confirmed it was him using a picture on you cell phone – did you use that cell phone to call the cops once you were clear?

  • My .02 – always be aware of your surroundings and carry a readily accessable firearm and be confident in its use.

  • It's absolutely impossible to understand the mind of a criminal. The only thing you can do is be prepared to deal with them. Have your tools available and know how to use them.

  • Omg if you bring a gun know your laws because the DA will throw you in jail for just brandishing a weapon. You shoot someone unarmed you will go to jail but the are the best weapon.

  • Pepper spray is an awesome tool. A weapon that you know how to use well in a place that you can get to. Striking and then arm yourself ect… Without a plan you become prey. With a plan you become dangerous.

  • Always trust your creep alarm and remember no one is coming to save you. You must be prepared and capable of doing what you must.

  • So the more you talk bout life on "the trail" the more sounds like the ONLY way to stay safe is a firearm…NO ONE IS GOIN TO THREATEN ME WITH SHOVEL!!!!sorry, 357 mag. Very concealable better than a shovel…

  • Thank you… Super important lesson. Better safe than sorry

  • All good information you can’t take safety for granted . Like you said ,If you feel uncomfortable just get out .

  • Guys like that James guy, I wouldn't put up with a nanosecond of his mouth or BS. Whenever you come across a weirdo like that who's out to make you uncomfortable, I get MORE weird and make them uncomfortable. I start working to intimidate them. Your bf should have been more alpha here and probably beat his ass, or seriously threatened to if he didn't leave and not show his face to you or anyone around you again, once he mouthed off to you. Oh, he might come back at night and hurt someone? Well, maybe break his arm or something, then call the police, shoot the guy if you have to, whatever… People are stupid and nuts and you can't let them get power over you to hurt you like that. The reason the guy was nice at first? (THEY ALWAYS ARE), it's because he was feeling you and your boyfriend out. He was testing to see just how beta your bf was. It was only then that he got all tough and stupid. You even said how he was "okay" at first, but then there was this decline. That guy was WELL in control of himself. That's exactly how people who want others to perceive them as crazy are. They start off kind of normal and then take it a little further step by step as time goes on. That's why you shut it down immediately. If he knows that your BF is the real crazy mf here, he wouldn't have acted like that, I'd bet money on it. And if he did, like I said, you need to be willing to take it all the way with him. It should have been shut down long before it even got to that point. I know, it's barbaric, it's uncivilized, it's awkward, and unacceptable socially. You're right. But if you don't want to fall victim to people like this, this is what it must be.

    There really are very evil people in this world and if you're not willing to take it to that level with them, then you shouldn't be in their environment. I cannot believe that your bf didn't carry a firearm to protect you two. I believe he had a DUTY to do that. We are supposed to defend and protect our loved ones. I don't care what his excuse for nothing having one was. Get trained, get educated, practice, and carry, because people who think bad things will never happen to them, well when they do and it turns your world upside down, then it's too late. I know I'm speaking harshly here but some people need to hear it, it's the truth.

  • Police have always had a bad habit of arresting & releasing crazy people back out on the street especially in big city areas where the jails are crowded so we should never assume a nutty person will stay in jail. Also some park rangers say that it is a good idea to carry a gun when out hiking & camping especially if you do it a lot and make long hiking treks deep into the woods. Pepper spray & big knives are helpful but may not be much good against a crazy person with a gun. Stay Safe Everyone!

  • Is he still around or in the hosp

  • Bring a Shillelagh with you ☘🦯

  • I dont give a damn what the guys mental state was, he knew what he was doing! Kills people on the trails to get away with it! Noone is ever NOT responsible for taking another human beings life!😡

  • Bear Spray, and a good solid Ash hiking staff, plus knowing how to use them. I had a encounter on a trail in Yellowstone, in 91. Kid pulled a knife on me. I had a 6 foot long hiking staff. Whacked the kid big time, waited for The rangers, of whom to show up.

  • ❤️👍🏻 keep up the good work & my dad told me that I could not hike anymore what do I do

  • Don't let the criminals win! Hikers should be packing a gun and a shovel and be willing to save their own lives and use them!

  • I’ve encountered bears
    mountain lions rattlesnakes owls
    But humans are the worst

  • Who the fuck is James Jordan?

  • Guns dont help when u are sleeping. New plan needed. Trust yr instincts, travel in groups, one person stays awake every few hours to keep watch.

  • Lived in Florida. West coast and east coast. I'm sorry to say this , but I feel a lot safer on the Appalachian trail than any place in Florida. Calculate how many known felons you live within 10 miles of you now. It will blow your mind. Welcome to your "endless summer". No more season changes, which stimulates personal growth. You are now eternally the age you entered the state. No thanks. If there is a group of teenagers killing one of their "friends" so they can have a car to go to spring break or a mother claiming their baby went missing, you are probably in Florida. Where proceeds from cocaine sales and illegal prescription scams have built cities. Have fun. I would rather take my chances on the trail.

  • Your advice about dangerous people on the trail left me angry: after you left the shelter~do you know what happened to that OTHER couple eating sandwhichs who you shared the shelter with?
    You can't be New Yorkers!
    And what's your plan if attacked (I didn't hear anything about that!).
    I think it a fatal error not to treat such people as "predators" who test out the waters for attack by displaying odd or outright threatening behaviors. It is not only you that are potential victims but other, unsuspecting people, including little children.
    Isn't it trail etiquette to not leave your garbage behind?

    Better get a better plan!

  • What about the girl in the shelter that cut you the warning eyes? When you guys left back into the hail, thinking it was that guy, why didn't you immediately go get authorities or call them since you had cell service? Maybe you did and I missed that part? Why did the others not come with you out of the shelter with the psycho? What happened to them?

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