David Paulides discusses hiking gear, reads a story and discusses the German connection.

David presents the proper equipment to carry in a daypack.
He reads a story from Australia that deals with a disappearance and
a thunderstorm.
CanAm’s research has uncovered an association between the disappearance of physicists and Germans. Mr. Paulides reads a letter from a retired RCMP officer explaining his concerns about a series of German visitors that disappeared.
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  • Thank you for excellent advice, Dave. In summer when I go for a quick day hike, like when I climbed to the top of Ishizuchi Mt. I carry a block of ice on may back. And I have a candy bar (chocolate) right by the ice block. On the way to the top, I passed people who were sitting down, wiping sweat, drinking water to cool off but I never needed to stop. I was cool all the way and I had ice cold water to drink. A gallon of water is only 8.3 lbs. When I got to the mountain top, I still had plenty of ice, ice-cold water to drink, and a cold crisp candy bar for snack …

  • The North Pole is not what we have been told is is. There are many many ancient texts about people of German and Austrian descent who were explorers. Many of the texts describe the polar region the way Geradas Mercator described it in his map (the same map we all saw behind our teachers in school) the North Pole region on that map has since been changed. The center of our realm is where Mt Meru resides, Mercator named it Rupus Negra. It is a towering mountain that is magnetic( the reason all compasses point North) it has had many other names like Mt Olympus. I believe it is the peak that Satan took Jesus to and offered him the world. Directly above it is The North Star.
    Perhaps these Germanic folks were attempting to gain entrance to what has been long forbidden to us humans.
    I have researched many things in the last twenty plus years. They all lead back to one truth, every word in the Bible is true. The author of all things is in charge, we are meant to care for each other not wait for him.

    I have one simple question for those folks who still believe we are spinning faster than the speed of sound. Why is the sky still blue at night?
    Look at the sky on a full moon, better yet take a long exposure photograph. It’s blue Gods handiwork the Firmament.

  • Lol, if one of those entities in forests is determined to make you disappear, it's useless to have a weapon, a transponder, GPS, whatever

  • Everyone remember that blowing a whistle 3 times in succession is an international distress signal. Anything in 3’s will alert someone in the know if they see or hear it. Be that in the know person.

  • Watch at least 10 min into this video about missing Germans an other insights, I feel relate to your research that also validates info I been noticing. Everything is connected. . . https://youtu.be/ZdtHvwV0RV4

  • It seems your Likes have been capped around 14,000. Please don't stop informing us!

  • love you, but you obviously haven't just google missing physicists
    Ettore Majorana

  • David, is it possible that there is something different about the German Scientists, causing them to disappear or be abducted? Is this issue paranormal? Is there some type of curse on them? Just some thoughts.

  • Do you have a merch line? Would love to support you that way!

  • Very helpful information. Love the birds talking in the background on this video.

  • Be careful of your surroundings in the woods… Please, I care.. I care.. FACT

  • flashlight can have switch on/off shocker

  • Dave, I think they deliberately knee capped you. For a fact. I'm glad you were tough enough to stick it out, it will probably be more helpful than you'll ever know.

  • Remember this : 2 flashlights are 1, and 1 is none.

  • Greetings from Ireland ☘☘☘

  • I can’t stand dogs that aren’t trained well. If u can’t train a dog … don’t own one pleaz. 👍🏻

  • I believe it could possibly be ( what ever it is ) can smell the gun oil or powder or sense the tracker , that would explain why more children get abducted… ( And clothing gets removed, in case the children have trackers in their clothes)…

  • German break away civilisation secret space program

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