Discounted Hiking Gear and Camping Gear at SportsShoes.Com

On my quest to find hiking gear and camping gear at discounted prices I’ve created this gear review of I have been using this site for years but more recently found backpacking gear on here.

This review shows my top pics of big brand items for budget gear prices. Items include budget hiking jackets, hiking boots, backpacking bags and sleeping bags.

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Exact links as follows:
Higher State Hiking Padded Hooded Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Mountaineer 42 Backpack
Deuter Aviant Access Pro 60 Backpack
Rab Element Solo Shelter

Rab Solar 3 Sleeping Bag

Rab Alpine Pro 600 Sleeping Bag

Rab Neutrino 600 Down Sleeping Bag

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Thanks, Andy

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  • Hi Andy, thanks for sharing. I've just purchased the Rab Alpine Pro 600, and can't wait to use it. the build quality is top notch, and hopefully the performance matches

  • Thanks mate , scored for some Rab trousers thanks to this! Cheers

  • Really helpful video. You definitely need to do videos like this regularly 👍cheers buddy

  • I’m looking for any advice on how to improve my last camping/hiking trip
    A couple months ago I did my practise silver dofe and kinda hated it 😅 it was horrible weather and my team was and still is inexperienced with how to navigate a map
    Any advice for how to go about reading maps,what to do when lost (for reference we are walking near the black mountains)
    And any kit which would be useful (food and a good 2 man tent any extra gear?)it’s gonna be 3_4 days so nervous but want to make it an enjoyable experience
    Any help welcome as my school isn’t really cutting it

  • Hey andy. I was one day ahead of you and got a alpine 600. But camped down to -2 last night and I was a bit chilly. I might need to upgrade to the neutrino

  • What a great solo hike. Beautiful views! Thank you so much taking me along on your adventure! Cheers!

  • Hi Andy, I’ve used sport shoes a couple of times great site didn’t know they did the sleeping bags though I’ll definitely be having a look at that. Also I’ve found some great deals on magic mountain recently, got some camlbak bottles for just £5 could be worth a look

  • Hi Andy, Cheers for sharing :), your video just popped up in my news feed and I'm defiantly glad I clicked on it 👍. Keep up the good work. atb Andy.

  • Using them a lot lately I've had some great bargains. The High State range I'd really good value for money.

  • Top stuff 👌
    I've had a few items (tops) from here. Excellent value but the sizing is a bit on the big side. Way better value than the big name stores we all know.

  • Those Montane gloves and mitts are superb, during the last snow spell in the Peak District i used 3 pairs of gloves in one day because i always take a few pairs due to the inners being a pain in the ass when wet but the Montane ones are amazingly warm and dont suffer the inner lining issue when wet and they are a breeze to put on with wet hands. Like you said they pack tiny and at this price it would be silly not too if you live in the UK . Thanks.

  • I've had a few bits from there they're on ebay and been perfect just bargain prices didn't no do other stuff thought just footwear

  • Not going to lie, I've been seeing this shop pop up a lot recently when searching for my sleeping system, however I've just purchased it all of bigger-name shops as I didn't want to risk it. They were always the first search result and always seem to undercut the other companies by a hefty chunk, which just doesn't sit right with me. They have 72% five star reviews on Trustpilot, but also 16% one star, which is somewhat poor out of +8,000 reviews. Maybe I'll buy something from them down the line, but for now I'll stick to buying pricey items from reputable stores.

  • Thanks for sharing this Andy, I've been looking for new hiking boots recently this has been great help.

  • Nice one thanks Andy have never been on that site
    Atb Graham

  • Great vid for cheap stuff,but…….
    I’ve been to a few boot sales lately, and have noticed the amount of quality stuff for camping,etc, that was bought in lockdown with ‘spare furlong money’, that people don’t want anymore, as they are back to work now.
    For example, only last week, I bought a Snugpak Endurance 40 litre rucksack, rrp £85.00, got it for £7.00!
    Perhaps take a look yourself, at your local ones, and do a vid on ‘Bootsale goods for Camping,Hiking or Backpacking’, for people that want quality, but not at quality prices.

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