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This video teaches you how to breathe better whilst out on a hike

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This video is in the chapter on setting off on a hike. Follow on to the next video to learn about walking uphill with a proper technique

The Hiking Program was made in partnership with Decathlon, Sikana’s partner for the Sports program, as well as Xavier Gadat, an expert mountain guide who provided his expertise on the subject.

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  • This is just straight up bullshit. Sorry. Whoever reads this. Don't believe it. Is doesn't matter if you get in more oxygen if you are breathing through your mouth. Either if you breath through the nose or mouth there is way more than enough oxygen. The point is: efficiency. Like I said you inhale more than enough oxygen, your body simply doesn't use it efficient enough when you start trying to catch your breath. So there is no point starting breathing through your mouth cause your body won't process it. And that's what physical condition is mainly about. The ability to process oxygen as efficient as possible. So what do you do.. keep breathing through the nose at a normal rate. It will be very uncomfortable at first, trust me. You think you are about to die from the lack of oxygen but you won't. Like I said. Plenty of oxygen. This way you will train yourself becoming more efficient. So don't ever fool yourself you are getting more oxygen in the body by breathing more or harder (gasping).

  • Terrible advice all backwards… God…

  • I think breathing through mouth does not help it

  • I really concentrated on my breathing on a relatively fast hike today for 3 miles of ups and downs with very little that flat that grabs some elevation, lots of rocks tree roots etc, Upstate NY. As far as posture when going up a steep grade do you lean forward just enough to make you straight? Beyond lung comprehension if your breathing well and well oxygenized does leaning a bit forward give you more torque to get up a couple hundred feet quicker if your looking to improve your time on a particular trail. Also if your goal is fitness is it good to vary this a bit just to hit muscles from a different angle. Thanks

  • some it's amazing very good excellent outstanding you are great

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