Do you need gaiters when hunting & hiking in Australia?

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  • MC

    Been thinking of buying some gaiters lately.
    Gunna get back into some hunting and bushcrafting.
    Seen hundreds of snakes in my travels Chris.
    Stood on a Tiger last summer, good adrenaline boost I tell ya.
    Not the first one I’ve trodden on, probably not the last.
    Got struck once by a large Copperhead in my early teens.
    Only saw him leaving the scene of the crime.
    Had my good ole farmers gaiters on…… gumboots.
    Like been hit with a solid stick.

  • Wow telling us soooo much positive information without mentioning one negative thing about these gaiters . I like to hear reviews with both pro and cons and here is one con. THEY ARE MADE IN CHINA !!! That's a huge negative ! Very biased review .

  • Sometimes hunting Sambar in Vic you end up in some serious thick stuff. Gaiters a must for me.

  • I can't believe anyone can hunt without them! Bloody lifesavers in my opinion!

  • The tie point's at the bottom are to loop some cord under your boot's so the that they don't ride up you boot's.
    Which I noticed that they had done in your video 👍. The ones I have are X German army ones from Ozzie disposals which have a stainless steel cord with a hard rubber loop that go under your boot then you tie it off on the bridge of your foot. Just doing the loop around the foot would increase the waterproofing substantially. 🤙Loved the vid cheers 👍

  • If you run out of toilet paper, and remove the grass seeds they can be a life saver. You need the ones like moroka 30 that have fleece on the outside though.

  • I have to wear a pair daily since the local snake catcher had been using my land to re-release tiger snakes on for 20yrs before I bought it 🤷‍♂️

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