Don't Let KNEE PAIN Stop you Hiking [IT Band Syndrome Fixed ON TRAIL!]

Are you experiencing knee pain, sciatica, ITBS or other knee issues? This is what actually works! Download the FREE Knee Pain Routine and start building stronger knees today.

If anyone is having trouble with downloading the routine, it’s most likely because of one of your browser extensions. So turn them off for that page and then it works.
(Thank You to John Keiffer for pointing this out)


My 12-week strength & mobility program designed specifically for hiking knee pain

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  • MáGIcâL SCIENCE! Get the routine and get back on trail! ►

  • I hiked mount Fuji and the pain I felt while descending still haunts me. I sometimes avoid hiking long distances fearing that. I hope your tips work for me and push to hike more.

  • Would you recommend deep tissue massage for those tight muscles before the hike?

  • Loving this content. I’ve been preaching trail fitness for awhile including mobility for injury prevention. This is great info

  • your videos are amazing, Im suing them for Kilimanjaro, Thanks

  • Iliotibial band syndrome…..I'd never heard of it before watching this video. I am so thankful you have diagnosed my problem. Hit the nail right on the head with this one. Never felt pain like this before having done a 50k hike last month and I figured this was gonna prevent me from doing long walks permanently. Hope is now on the horizon thanks to you Chase. Instant sub. Top work….keep it up 😀

  • Don’t give up but age and arthritis may change your plans anyway

  • Sure wish I had this info a few years ago when I was hiking in the Grand Canyon. My knee pain was so intense I really wondered how I was going to get out of the canyon. Thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge!

  • makes it appear like hes gonna talk about why the braces are bad for you, and then talks about something else altogether. Waste of time.

  • This is exactly what I'm experiencing for the last eight months. I went to two different doctors, but there still is no real solution. I'm so hyped to see, if the things you teach in your videos will help me to finally enjoy my hikes again. I hope so very strongly.

  • I use the knee support "socks" mainly during the night to warm up the knee that used to be worse with pain. If you sleep with legs outside of the blanket or sleeping bag and it gets cold the exercise can take longer to fix. I can't stretch and do foam roll due to me being hypermobile but I stick to my program from my physiotherapist. One key is to never over stretch the knee, always bend the pelvis and use pelvic tilt and feet to help you out if you have hypermobility.

  • Holy cow! Just a few of each exercise and rolling my leg with a pole provided a percentage of relief. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the ITB and glute med tips, I wish I knew this a few years back! Cheers

  • This is insane. I had ITB pain for 2 days after a hike. Someone needs to explain to me how 5 minutes of side lying hip abductions made my ITB feel better instantly. Thank you, Chase!

  • Chase, I don't know if you'll read this, but I really need your advice. The Ortho told me not to run for 2-3 years and I have NO pain while walking or climbing, but the sharp pain comes up sometimes and the knee was swollen. I was diagnosed with Chondromalacia. I have two moderate himalayan treks next weekend. What do you think I should do? Go for it or leave it be? I had been preparing for it, am fit and have been doing physiotherapy at home. Let me know if you see this! 🙂 (Or anyone else for that matter!) THANK YOU!

  • Hi Chase! I came over here on the recommendation of Walk With Wallace, and signed up for Mountian Proof Knees. Just wanted to say how useful the programme is proving. I've only done a week so far, but yesterday's training walk was completed almost entirely pain free. The drills and exercises just go 'into the body' so well: everything is feeling much more stable, free, and with increasing strength. Love it – just wish I'd found it sooner! Driving up north to start walking tomorrow, but will keep at it. 🙂

  • This feels like a bit of an epiphany. In 2017 I had a TTO but have had some repeated muscle pain and knee restriction that nobody explained or diagnosed. I recently tried the UK National 3 peaks and had some trouble and a physio on site told me I was having ITB issues. My masseuse then did some work and explained the issue more. I then found this channel today and this video immediately jumped out. Will be downloading and giving it a go.

  • I just finished a 40 mile hike and had really bad knee pain just like described here, even though my base weight was quite low. Can’t wait to try this.

  • Those who are suffering from ITB syndrome must try dry Needling,you will thank me later.
    Unfortunately due to Meniscus trim and Acl surgery its quite difficult for me to be back on the trial,i hope i wilp be back to Mountains soon.

  • Do you think slackline is a good way to active those muscles?

  • I can't thank you enough Chase for these basic exercises. I had exact same problem as that of Karim for almost 4 months. I followed your routine from other Videos (pain free knees for hiking) and i am back in the game! Pain was so bad that even without hiking if i just fold my knees in seating position for 2 min and unfolding after would cause severe pain. Followed your routine and 1 week i could see the difference! Thanks much 👍

  • I guess Karim now has PyreKnees now, eh?

  • 90% of these kinds of videos are total sleepers… this was entertaining, educational and inspirational.

  • Your most important video in my opinion (and I've watched almost all of them). I wish I had found this sooner. I was decending a mountain – Mt. Whitney (from 14,000ft) and had EXCRUCIATING IT band pain to where I almost couldn't bare to take another step down and almost couldn't continue on. It took me hours longer and pain like I've never felt to finish and I almost gave up my love of hiking. Thank you for taking the time to talk about IT band pain and some remedies.

  • Chase do you have any tips to relieve shin splints? I have bad shin splints in my left leg. Had to stop cycling because of it.

  • always treating the symptoms but never the causes… So thankful for this video!

  • Awesome story and super helpful know how!

  • Having trouble with my knees lately..i just remember this video and now im watching it again..thanks for ur helpful contents!

  • Chase, this video made a huge difference for me. I had bad left knee issues in Yosemite last year. Found this video and followed your advice. First trail this year my left knee was strong(!) and my right knee encountered the same issues (downhill). I used the "pole in the hip" trick on the trail and it helped. Now, I know what to do to prepare for our Sequoia/Kings canyon trip this summer. I also shared with a couple other people and it helped them too. QUESTION: how is this affected by the "squat downhill" technique? It *seems* using that technique would (in the short term) cause more muscle strain in this area (on a trip where you are already weak). Thanks for these videos!!

  • Really great work. Very helpful 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • thank you for these videos they have literally changed my life. I been going to physical therapy for 5 months without much improvement. this video was a suggestion on my YouTube and I gave it a try for 2 weeks now and it has done wonders. I am off my crutches and rarely use my cane now. I really appreciate your videos they where life changing for me. I have shared these with so many of my army buddies that have knee pain.

  • Awesome bro. I needed these tips after hiking this weekend!

  • Would tightness in these muscles cause foot splay?

  • So my dr says (without mri or X-rays) that I have arthritis in my knees. My pain comes from the lower inside part of my knee. Roughly an inch to the inside and even with the bottom of the patella. Are there exercises I can do to ease this pain?

  • Is the elements program inclusive to those who are starting from a "less than zero" fitness standpoint? If not, what benchmarks should a < 0 meet before starting the elements program? Thank you… I'm glad I found your channel because mountain hiking is something I decided I wanted to start doing, but I"m nowhere near being in shape. I really want to see these beautiful vistas with my own eyes. The last "mountain" that I climbed was Mont St. Michel and I did do quite a few months of training on steep hills in my neighborhood–and I'm glad I did that because it was no joke getting to the top, but I did it in about an hour. That was 4 years ago and since then, I've done absolutely nothing especially since CV19 has been on the scene. My goal is to hike to Everest Base Camp (my fantasy is to climb Everest) in 4 years, so I want to get started now.

  • Hi chase this is so interesting as its exactly where i have a pain on the tip of the glut , not the knee actually

  • Hi mate, tried the link and nothing came through. Thanks for all the great content too.

  • Really interesting video. I recently bought a new pair of walking boots (Salomon Quest 4D’s) and was so excited to try them. Ever since using them on both long and short walks I’ve had a tight painful pulling feeling at the back of both knees. I did 13 miles today and for the last few I was limping because of the pain. I feel like I have to keep my leg constantly bent and can’t stretch or extend my leg when I take a step. It sucks so much!! I’m hoping I haven’t just wasted all that money on a pair of boots that are hurting me 🙁

  • Would this apply for bikers? I “roll” my legs daily but it keeps coming back?? (Sore left knee, under the cap)

  • So glad I came across this today. I suffered knee whilst hiking for the first time recently. I had done exactly as you said – worked out heaps more in the gym, tightened all the already tight muscles!! Thanks for posting. I will practice the routine and exercises and report on success.

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