DUMBEST beginner mistakes – HIKING & Backpacking (don't make these!)

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This video has beginner backpacking and hiking mistakes that you should try to avoid.

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  • Over pack ! My trail name is GO Heavy. A Volvo station wagon in human form.

  • Thank you for the excellent advice. I’m going for the first time this weekend.

  • Why would you not filter? You can literally put a Sawyer right inline of a camel pack and filter as you drink. There's zero reason that you shouldn't filer…

  • Always over pack food idiot!! Y yo yo have to have more food than what you are gonna need!!!!

  • I store my Sawyer Squeeze with the backflush side down to let gravity do some of the work. Then I use the syringe on the backflush side and vigoursly push air thru until no more drops of water come out. Store in open zip lock bag.

  • When you buy Zachary Fowler from wish

  • This is the first video on YouTube that makes sense about weight.

    I have stress in my life and I hike to release it. My hike needs to be far enough to be an adventure and an achievement (25-35 km). I don’t go looking for an extra challenge – personal fastest time, personal most distance in a day etc. I have enough of that Monday to Friday. My leisure time is to give me a mini adventure and a stress release.

    I’d rather walk a bit less distance, a bit slower, but have so much more fun- hot meals, not hungry, not cold or wet, maybe a bottle of wine.

    If I was walking a wilderness trail for 4 weeks it would be different, but I don’t have other commitments to family etc and wouldn’t want to do this. Maybe if I was young and single it would PME different.

  • If your looking for a durable waterproof jacket, go hit up my partner Mike at Elevated climbing. He sells a AV Suit that is as tough as denim but waterproof. Great for hiking off trails!

  • The problem with Buy Once Cry Once is that it serves to price some of us right out of access. I'm living on a Human Services benefit payment because of a complex spinal injury which initially paralysed me (transient nerve trauma), & has severely disabled me ever since; if I were to wait to try hiking until I could afford a Big Agnes tent + a ThermaRest pad + an Enlightened Equipment quilt, that'd be easily 5 or more years of continuing to sit on my increasingly wobbly arse indoors, when I could have been pushing my limits + challenging myself + seeing some beautiful locations, & making memories.

    Buy Once Cry Once is fantastic advice for those who can , I absolutely agree, & I don't at all intend any shade, Jeremiah – but for the rest of us proles, buying the cheap rainsuit & then having to replace it after every fourth or so outing may be our reality.

  • I keep expecting you to break out some tools and make some furniture lol beard level amish!

  • I took hiking just like I built my car, pay for proper gear the first time rather than pay double later. I definitely recommend if you plan on taking hiking seriously to just buy proper stuff the first time, it saved me so much effort lol

  • #1….dont wear cotton!!!!!!!!! NOTHING cotton!!!!!

  • One of my favourite since I discovered this channel. Love today’s content. Keep up the good work💕

  • For most of us (looking at me, here) if I want to cut a few ounces off my trail weight I can lose some fat.

    Yeah, cheaper to lose a couple pounds in the belly than the pack.

  • 1/2L of water every hour. which means 1 qtr. of a LIFE WTR bottle every half an hour.

    when out there I find it easier to measure things out with a wristwatch than the estimated distance I've traveled.

    how I organize it is roughly 5 smaller swigs of water every 15 minutes.

    carrying 2 1L bottles is water for 4 hours of activity. this helps you estimate how many bottles you need ahead of time and planning your filter locations.

  • bear fashion style, perfect for lices

  • How often do you bleach those teeth??

  • I have a two page camping checklist that I use for backpacking as well as car camping. Every piece that I may take packing I have weighed and noted that on the list. Makes it easier to justify taking or not on each particular trip. Happy trails!

  • Dude you gotta change the thumbnail to you with the Rick and Morty shirt with big letters on top saying "buy once, cry once"

  • Tell you the truth I don't like cheap things

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