East vs. West – Backpacking differences (Hiking tips Pt. 39)

Let’s look at some of the big differences between backpacking and hiking in the western and eastern United States.

The Lyme disease map – – the risk is considerable along parts of the Appalachian Trail

About poodle dog bush – – This is a nasty plant found along part of the Pacific Crest Trail

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  • Great video ! Colorado is steep stuff

  • go youtube put in missing 411

  • Smokey mountains are pretty damn big. Mt.leconte rises 5301ft. Above gatlinburg no foothills straight up.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I am laid up with corrective surgery to my ankle ( pronating flat feet). Your videos are so well done that you have kept my mind off of my issue!! God bless you. John

  • 16 Minutes of really good information. Thank You.

  • Stay the fuck away from jesus plants in the deserts. You'll know them when u step on them.

  • use to hike when I was a kid, in the san Fernando valley, up to what was camp crystal lake, and back but every so often there would be an accident or death in the water falls section, word would get out and we see fences go up and cut and climb, as rangers would see us and remember us from past trips, no grief there now there a bunch of houses and crystal lake is a sub division, my old neighborhood changed for the worse, and crime is up gangs are up cops are down, their stats for every thing. so in l. a. county cops gave them selves a black eye.

  • I'm a newbie to backpacking with aspirations of thru-hiking. These videos are a wonderful reference. Thanks for making them.

  • I just recently discovered your channel.
    A great find, good job

  • I was running up and down mountains out west and enjoying every minute. I moved back east and couldn't even bear being outside in the heat and humidity for the first two weeks.

  • I have been to both east and west sides. On the east, its nice but the trails are very crowded. The ones in the west have amazing hiking and mountain biking, problems make sure to check the weather before you go. rain rain rain rain

  • Thanks for an interesting and objective comparison of the challenges a backpacker faces in the east vs. the west. As someone who has spent his whole life backpacking in the west, I always thought that backpacking in the east would be pretty lame. But I now realize that in many ways it may be far more difficult than I had imagined.

    I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Old age was also starting to slow me down when, five years ago, I too suffered a severe accident and I nearly lost both of my legs. Although I've come a long way in my recovery, my backpacking days are gone forever. However, I wasn't ready to give up my love of the trail, so I now have packgoats to carry my load for me. I can't recommend them enough! As a bonus, they're also great for hauling elk out of the mountains after a successful bowhunting trip.

  • Interesting to hear some facts from US and the differences in your huge country😊 We live in Norway and have different kind of areas in our country too! It's nice to visit several of this areas. You have an informativ channel, this is the first time we visit you, and we want to follow 😉 Atb from Tove and Kaja

  • Thanks for more great videos. The poodle dog bush reminds me of the Manchineel tree video I came across, I don't want to meet either! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0w2WMegHDM

  • great video. But there is also West coastal hiking too. It is gnarlier and with much more dense vegetation and higher humidity than you find in the East, though somewhat localized to the PNW, Alaska and coastal Canada, and usually cool temps.

  • Great subject and very interesting discussion.  I've always been very intimidated by the high elevations and dry conditions of some of the West Coast trails.  Maybe one day!

  • East every thing wants to bite, sting or smear you with stinging oil. I can deal with snakes, bears, etc…… Anything East of the Rockies is back East.

  • This was good to know. please check this video out https://youtu.be/jgoEyTvrR_k

  • Missouri where I live is west of the Mississippi and it's very humid. That is why the nickname of the state is misery.

  • I am originally from the West but have only really hiked in the East, though the West is beautiful and I would love to hike there! Unfortunately it's a long distance to travel. Thanks for highlighting the differences. It was very interesting. And thank you for subscribing to my channel as well!

  • I have been privileged to live in both the East (MD & VA), and in Colorado and now in Texas. And I have hiked and backpacked in Colorado. I'e lived there int he summer and the winter. I can tell you that I have a greater respect for the western winters in the Rockies. I always wondered how the Donner party could get caught like they did. I watched a white out blizzard come through Colorado Springs in April and watched it snow in late May. Every day during the summer we would get a thunderstorm that moved through and only lasted about 30 minutes, then back to clear skies. In the winter, snow chains are required when traveling along I70, and it's regularly closed due to avalanche possibility. I think that of all the things you brought up, the weather is the one thing that can change the complexion of a hike in mere moments in both the East AND West. Great vid again, and as usual, great info.

  • Very nice! Thumbs up! 🙂

  • I hike Southern California area water is the most important for me

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