English Listening Skill 2 | Unit 4: Hiking in Iran

English Listening Skill 2 | Unit 4: Hiking in Iran
G : Most people think that the Middle East is only a desert. This is far from true. Last year, I went hiking in Iran. Iran has many mountains. You can find trees that lose their leaves in winter.

If you’re lucky, you may see a yellow deer or a brown bear, two species that live there. The air is fresh, and you can swim in clear, clean lakes. I definitely recommend it.

There are so many birds to see. It is fun to go into the forest with binoculars to look at birds. Seeing the birds through binoculars makes them seem much nearer than they actually are. You can write down all of the species that you see. You should learn about their calls first. That means the sounds that each bird makes. Sometimes it’s hard to see the birds. However, you can identify them if you happen to hear them.

I want to go back to Iran again someday. It’s so beautiful that I want to see and explore much more of it!




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