Ep 3 Banff p.1 – Slow hiking with a mountain view, SUV camping, simple cooking, solo female travel

Not in this video…but I spent a wonderful 4 days in Calgary visiting friends! The social part of my trip, the I get to do my laundry part of the trip. I visited traditional Chinese medicine shops, had hot pot, went to the Zoo and had sushi with friends! So nice to catch up with everyone who I have met all over. … Now in this video I am in Banff! Trying out my hiking skills, only got mildly lost once… but enjoyed every minute of it. I’ll also show you my ridiculously easy cooking on my handy propane burner and chat about this and that. If you enjoy these videos like, subscribe and share! For more positive vibes check out www.nicolewruth.com

Enjoy the day!


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  • Really nice video, we really enjoyed it!

    We also love hiking and discovering nature. We also love to capture a trip with the camera to upload the final video on YouTube to share it with other hikers☺️

    Such a lovely Trail ☺️

    best regards!

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