Essential Gear for Hiking, Backpacking and Wild Camping

In this video I select 7 items that I always take with me when hiking, backpacking or wild camping. It was tough to choose 7 as there are other items I always take, including the obvious safety measures. But I think if you take similar items to the ones I mention here, you won’t go far wrong!

Dry Robe

Decathlon down jacket

Sit Pad

Rab Kangri Waterproof Jacket

Rab Kangri Detailed Review

Nalgene bottle

Black Diamond Hiking Poles


Aura 65

Eja 48

Tempest 30

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  • I'm new to hiking and I have to see your videos giving advice and tips are great, they are informative and interesting. And I'm now a fan of komoot, thankyou!

  • I have bag envy 😍 lol

  • always good to see what others take with them. Thanks! 🙂

  • Interesting stuff here Karen! Thankfully I'm a warm(ish) sleeper who gets away with woolly socks and have never really thought of using a hot water bottle, but the other things like poles (with my knees lol) and down puffy are essentials! atb Sinco

  • Great items! Love the jacket for changing inside. I could use that when we go wheeling as well

  • Cool jackets 🙂 love the yellow jacket and sit pad 🙂

  • Good look into your essential gear Kaz. I go with the mat every time but as for the poles I've always said no like you did. I mean your fit and so you don't need them for that in my view but for those other things you mentioned maybe. Well, thumbs up for the Osprey. On my last Long distance walk (136 mile – on my channel if interested) I used the Gregory Optic 58 and decided that it had to be Osprey. You try these things. Good going. Mark

  • Walking poles saved me on the Camino de Santiago. That dry robe looks amazing!

  • I like your yellow jacket. I just bought a great Patagonia long down jacket but not had a chance to try it out yet. 👏

  • That dry robe looks super cosy! I’ve never heard of them. I’m on the hunt for a new waterproof jacket so I’ll check out the Rab one, cheers! Neat hot water bottle trick! Cracking video Kaz.

  • The dryrobe is a brilliant piece of gear and even though I will not use it on hikes it will be used other places now that I know about it:) For hikes in Norway my one essential piece of equipment is the Hilleberg Bivanorak. It is a dryrobe on steroids and really just a huge poncho that can be used as a poncho, a bivy bag, an emergency shelter or as a windbreak. It is also in a bright red color so I can easily be spotted in an emergency (I know you wild hikers in England would go for something green;). When I take a break I just put it on and have some extra warmth and protection from the wind – if things get rough it has enough space so I can change inside and put on a lot of extra clothes. It it is really rough I can put my sleeping bag on as well on the inside. So a perfect lightweight gear for use in the hills and mountains!

  • These are some good essentials for sure. Great video and really helpful. Have a great week! 😀👍

  • Some top essential items there Kaz. I’ve recently converted to walking poles. I have the z pole style too. So lightweight and easy to store aren’t they?

  • Cracking video kaz, I too have afew nalgene bottles, bomb proof, definitely on my list ,I use pacerpoles, which are brilliant, they are left and right handed ,they have helped so much , definitely on my list, I think my leatherman wave, I carry it everywhere, be lost without it, foam sit mats too, have afew too stashed everywhere, my RM merino wool/possum fur wolly hat and fingerless gloves, brilliant bits of kit ,carry all year round, no itchy head anymore ,lovely items ,loving the videos, good health and safe travels, cheers craig

  • Awesome video!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Love my Dry Robe, Osprey Tempest 30, Rab Kangri waterproof, sit pad & poles….. Just need the nalgene bottle for a full house 😁, which coincidentally I've been looking to get but wasn't sure about the price as I have a dozen water bottles in the cupboard & talked myself out of it at the checkout multiple times. Thanks for sharing Kaz' x

  • Love my sitpad and walkingsticks very much as well! 😁 Good tips you got there! ATB 😁 Kaat

  • Good video Kaz! I'm also a fairly recent convert to walking poles. I tend to walk with one, but since getting into tarp camping, often carry two and use them as tarp poles. Hope you are keeping well👍👍

  • Great video Kaz, I recently got the same down puffy from Decathlon and agree it's amazing, so light & packs down so small! 😀

  • Hi Kaz, very good tips in this vid, especially the hot water bottle…I’ll be using that one. Just a note on the amount of water in the bottle, it would be safer to fill the bottle right to the top to avoid any air inside, especially if using boiling or near boiling water. The air allows steam to build up and it then becomes a pressurised container with the potential to explode….you know the consequences of boiling water.
    Been planning routes across the NF with Komoot, which is amazing. Thanks for all your great tips and advice.

  • Hot water bottle, very underestimated. Tc

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