Essential Minimalist Hiking Gear

Ok, you guys asked for it, so here it is – our complete hiking gear breakdown!

We tend to focus on minimalist (often ultralight) hiking gear, so in this video we’re showing you our must-have items for out on the trails. This includes our hiking shoes (hiking boots, trail running shoes, climbing shoes/approach shoes), hiking apparel (favorite hiking pants/trail running tights, windbreakers/rain jackets, gaiters, hiking socks), Adam’s ultimate trail running vest, and more technical hiking gear like our SOS satellite communicator (Garmin InReach Mini), climbing helmets, hiking poles, and climbing rope.

Have questions about our hiking gear, or think we missed something? Feel free to reach out! We’re happy to share 🙂

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  • I enjoy y’all videos. I prefer to take a edible and chill in nature away from people.
    In my life I’ve experienced that certain life and death situations can increase ones perception.

    Always take care of your safety first though and remember Mother Nature isn’t always so forgiving 🤙🏽

  • What CD Player do you recommend? 😂

  • Great video! thanks for sharing. Elise, could you share where you get your sports bra from?

  • Guys I loved this gear breakdown…. As a road guy I found it really informative. Now I'm in the ballpark when it comes to a trail gear shopping spree!

  • Would u guys comment on how much water you take for your hikes and if you carry a water purifier? We did the Colchuck lake hike in Washington and ended up needing more water. I had brought one filter straw but just wondering what would be best. I also think my water bottle is too heavy to carry.

  • Hey Adam, do you have an opinion on a knee compression sleeve?, I'd really value your input.

  • Just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all of the advice and great content! Just got done with my road trip and I can’t thank you enough for recommending renting a bike to ride into Zion for the Angels Landing trail. It was an absolutely incredible and unforgettable experience. Thank you again for being so awesome you guys! Can’t wait for my next trip! 🤙🏼

  • I thought the toe socks were a joke when i first saw them a couple years ago. Never catch me those i said to myself! Fast forward a year and now i wear them and swear by them, like Adam, never had a blister. I use the liners though, i felt the regular toe socks were a bit too thick and my toes were not happy even in the LP's. Testing a pair of Topos now also, very similar to the LP. Loved the vid, really helpful as i am looking for gaiters for this winter. A bit too spendy on that jacket for my wallet.

  • Thanks for this helpful video! I want everything! I only use Darn Tough socks. They’re the best! Plus, they come in cute patterns. The bumblebee pattern is my favorite! Lol Adam, I’ll use your Amazon link to buy a Nokia flip phone 😂!!

  • Hi Adam and Elise! Thank you for this awesome video! These are great options for adventure gear! My wife is not as into hiking as I am; so, since I am just about always solo with my dog, I carry the Garmin Inreach mini too!

    Safe exploring!

    The leaves are starting to change here in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado! It is awesome!

  • I generally agree with Adam, no head lamp but, pre dawn, fast moving in the dark, no mistakes route finding for huge long climbs, I need a head lamp! The BIG ONE you guys should carry and promote is a Sawyer Water Filter!!! Life saver AND way lighter than carrying a day's worth of water. Obviously, knowing where reliable water sources are is crucial. . . . Offline GPS, the mini works and I carry it for the Sat rescue but kind of clunky. . . I like "Map out" on the phone, awesome cheap app free map downloads! Tx 2 shoes only lasted me two trips. . . though they do climb well! Tx 4 or slightly heavier more protective approach, Boulder X or something is critical once talus comes into play. . . like every trip, lol. I dig the low gaiters, snow, ice and deep talus, plus they are cooler, pun intended. . .Poles are essential on steep death talus, good call personally, I do full break down, adjustable carbon fiber, $62 on Amazon!! Neck gaiter, so nice in your pocket! Fast easy temp regulation always in reach, on head or neck. . . .wind in your ears no more! You guys should check out the UltraSpire packs, OMG Awesome. All gear is in easy reach! OK, talk is cheap. . . time to put $$$ where my mouth is, check out this EPIC Adventure! easy climbing, greatest scenes ever! I hope you guys give me a chance to guide you guys on a Colorado CLASSIC, there are 100's! Cheers.  
    PS Adam, just put some super light running shorts on minimum, keep those jewels in the bag man! Personally I like knee protection, 3/4 pants.

  • Great job explaining your gear…Thank you

  • Thanks for sharing, another helpful and funny video. Thanks
    Who does the paintings in the back ?
    Thanks guys!!!

  • I LOVE my Darn Tough and Injinji liners! I hope Elise can find a size that works for her because they are amazing. My sister and I wore them on our AT thru hike and we had almost zero blisters in 2,200 miles. And I agree with Adam: LOVE MY TREKKING POLES! I've gotten so used to hiking with them that I use them when other hikers would say I probably don't need to. I just love the stability and extra "oomph" they provide. And head lamps! My sister fusses at me all the time when we night hike because I want my head lamp, and she likes to go as long as humanly possible without (and she is typically in the front, so I flash her field of vision with my headlamp a lot). 😂

    I have a question, though, about shoes. Adam mentioned he has a wider foot, but still uses Salomon boots. Do you feel their boots run wider than their trail runners? I have a wider foot, and when I tried Salomon trail runners (I've never tried their boots) I felt like they were cut slimmer and therefore pinched badly and were super uncomfortable on my foot. I know footwear is really dependent upon the individual, but I'm in the market for new boots and trail runners so I'm always curious to hear other's opinions. Also, though I through hiked in a boot (out of necessity- I was coming off of an ankle injury), I have yet to try a pair that I actually like and I hear far fewer boot recommendations than I do for trail runners.

    Thanks for putting this video out. I'm becoming a bit of a gear junkie and love to get ideas on how to possibly improve my set up. Your information was super helpful. I hope you guys are staying safe with the fires and are able to get back out on the trails soon! (Also, sorry this is super long 😬).

  • Thanks for the FYI on the proper wear when dealing with different elements on your hike I noticed the instruments in the back round was hoping for a jamz session and bye the way the pumpkin spice pop tarts just hit the stores ♥️u guys

  • So here’s my question and I swear you need to do a live presentation, what’s the coolest hike you both did so far? BTW I love your videos!

  • La Sportiva gang! I wear their Bushido 2 for both running and hiking. But due to recent IT band issues, I'm switching to hiking boots for long hikes. Thanks for the Salomon rec!

    I also thought Elise was wearing Uggs this whole time….

  • Great list! So funny, after reading one of your blogs … I watched the Bosch S1 Ep1 … I was hooked. I just ordered seasons 1-6 DVD's. Thanks!!

  • Good to see something different, this stufg is just as important! Lovely gear!

  • what kind of pack is that again? I didn't catch the name of it. I like that it sticks to your body. TIA -Johnny

  • I completely agree with the La Sportiva brand of foot ware; personally use the Wildcat & Wildcat 3.0 for both hiking & trail running, most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

  • Knock on wood… crying….lmao….dont think too hard i smell wood burning…great video…ive always used military surplus….luv your energy n enthusiasm….how do u use the garmin???

  • You guys are killing it, love your positive attitudes

  • Damn! That Anorak is pricey!

  • All of that gear is a must!! Thank you so much, this is very informative 😊 👏

  • Broooo! tights 😂 you sold me on everything but the tights Adam.. I’m sure they are perfect for all that running and biking you all do and probably making chafing nonexistent??? I’d prolly wear a pair under some pants or shorts if that is the case. Maybe you did sell me on the tights. 😂 I’ve never had toe socks. 😂 but they sound kinda interesting now if they eliminate blisters. I need the big helmet and large toe box also. Thanks for the honest gear list before you all sell out. 😂 Hopefully you can stick with the big brands when you do. 😉 don’t they have toe shoes? Maybe those would work well with your socks. 😜

  • Do you each carry an InReach Mini? Seems like you should in case an accident happens to one person who happens to be the one carrying the InReach and the other person cannot get to it.

  • Haha YESSSS i've been dying for a video like this!! LOL thanks adam i'll use your amazon link to buy nokia 3310 phone LOL

  • Great video. Just ordered some of those socks. I also have an old Camelbak that I can't quit, ha ha.

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