EuroSCHIRM Hands free trekking umbrella | Product Review | Backpacking kit

A look at the Telescopic Hands free trekking umbrella made by EuroSCHIRM

A review of the features of this trekking umbrella, if a hands free umbrella is any good for backpacking, how to attach a trekking umbrella to a backpack and my thoughts on umbrellas for hiking in general.

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  • Excellent ! what a great friend to introduce you to the trekking umbrella life . Sounds like a very intelligent lad .πŸ˜‰

  • … Look at that ,, the man is walking under his own little shelter … lol.. Staying dryer than not and still making the miles ,, sounds like a plus to me … Thanks for sharing your opinion ..
    .. a wide brim hat is nice for awhile ,, but if in wide open areas , a person just needs more cover …

  • Trekking umbrella?? Never – too Naf by far! Actually – just quietly ordered one. Combined parasol and umbrella which I intend to use on hot, sunny days or rainy days with light or no wind. I`ll only break out a sweaty β€œbreathable" rain jacket if its really blowing and raining hard. Such an obvious solution to the endless debate about pricy 2 layer vs 3 layer vs impermeable etc. rain gear!

  • in Cairns Australia. bought one today πŸ™‚ via Wildearth

  • Very cool. I'm glad you posting the link for this video. Thanks.

  • how do you attach the umbrella when the wind/rain direction is actually backward and not sideway?

  • Thanks so much! I'm ordering one now!

  • Great explanation – thanks! I'm afraid too many outdoor kit companies sell you kit presuming you are mountain climbing in a hooley. Fact is almost no one is. An umbrella is a portable shelter suited for walkers (not climbers), and as many find out the hard way – even expensive 'breathable' outer shell wet weather jackets are simply not breathable enough. An umbrella allows you to keep the jacket opened up yet still keep dry. The hands free then allows you to keep powering along with trekking poles so you have the best of both worlds. Lastly, some long distance hikes are exposed to hour after hour of baking hot sun (e.g. Camino in N Spain), a sun reflecting umbrella then really comes into it's own… Thanks for the video!

  • I really like your videos I’m sorry but watching you with that umbrella keeps bringing Mary Poppins into my mind ,I don’t think it’s for me or my friends we will stick with the capes I will just say β€œchim ,chimmany β€œ.

  • Good lord! I have been using this for YEARS! And ya'll are just discovering it? Well, better late than never. I use my umbrella ALL the time. Yes, even when it is not raining. I really need to get some videos uploaded….

  • Lovely Video! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more 😊

  • Looks like a great idea but I won't be getting one it did put a smile on my face though and will have to put up with rain on my faceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • πŸ’–πŸ’―πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘β­β­β­β­β­πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ––β˜‚

  • Oh that would be great for my hobby too and yes people may laugh at first but I wont be πŸ™‚ Where do you buy it? for some reason it does not show more for me.

  • Hmmm, what a simple, but effective idea, not sure I'd use one but after watching this, it's not a bad item to have. Thanks for sharing, Dan. ATB Dave πŸ‘

  • Good video Dan, seems a good bit of kit i think an umbrella when backpackis great, you can sit and have a snack under it in the rain all sorts, and this one you have with clips is even better, theres a backpaing writer always carried a good umbrella on his trips and used it with a bivi bag for shelter he used go do trips that took months and even years, i loved reading his books, he's Nicholas Crane he's on the tv programme coast, i loved it when he used to describe biving down in the rain with the umbrella over his head, thanks for sharing πŸ‘

  • Personally,I utilize my butler with my 60in. radius fishing brolly.However,if I've been generous enough to give him the weekend orf- I simply DEPLOY my oilskin sou'wester….nothing else,just the hat. And what a nakedly resplendent Northern tosser I look! Keep 'em coming, Dan.

  • Looks like your right arm is going to get a bit wet. Good idea though.

  • Nah, not manly enough πŸ˜‚ Who cares about uv in the pouring rain πŸ‘€

  • I remember on the old Outdoors Magic site if a noobie asked for suggestions for a very breathable water-proof someone would always answer 'an umbrella'. Very under-rated bits of kit.

  • Hmmmmm, go 'Google' "Nubrella" ……..Your brolly isn't anywhere as stupid as Nubrella! My Kathmandu daysack has a flap opening close to the top of the strap-yoke. It's meant for waterproofs 'quick access', but I reckon you could slip a brolly handle in the there if you wanted and it'd be dead-centre. I'm mindful that both products make you look like Master Blaster from Mad Max 2 though 😜. Your product does leave you with both hands free for map reading & walking pole use…πŸ˜―πŸ‘

  • Looks a good bit of kit Dan, being a ginger I need shade all the time and this sounds like it could be the solution! Thanks for sharing mate. Rob

  • This is really an interesting umbrella and anything that will improve comfort in inclement weather has to be a good thing. ❀

  • Cool! I can also envision it being the makings of a tent with a few add-ons – roll up panels and longer telescoping shaft.

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