Everything I Need for 14 days in the Wild – Lightweight Backpacking Gear for the Scottish Highlands

This was everything I needed for two weeks in the highlands of Scotland on the cape wrath trail. It may not be ultralight but it was lightweight enough for me and more importantly it was comfortable to carry. The first video in the Cape Wrath series will be out soon so if you’d like to be notified when it drops just click the bell icon below.
Links for all the kit I used below as well as a discount code for Nordic Outdoors👇

Nordic Outdoors – Discount code HAZEFIVE for 5% off:

Outdoor research Sun runner Cap:
Altra lone peak 5.0 Shoes:
Aklima Running socks:
Darn tuff Socks:
Montane Ankle Gaiters:
Outdoor research Sun Gloves:
Aklima Merino base leggings:
Aklima Marino hooded top:
Rab force base layer:
Craghoppers Atmos T-shirt:
Down Trousers:
Patagonia micro puff jacket:
Berghaus deluge rain trousers:
Ronhill Gore-tech rain jacket:
Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights:
Icebreaker Underwear:

Ospray exos 48L backpack:
Lanshan 2 pro tent:
Neoair xtherm large sleep pad:
Alpkit pipedream 400:
Sit pad:
OMM Chest bag:
Camping meals:
Garmin inreach mini:
MSR pocket rocket 2 Stove:
Toaks Spoon:
Toaks 70mm pot:
Petzal bindi head torch:
Toilet trowel:
Dry bags:
Trekology pillow:
Sawyer micro squeeze Water filter:
Cnoc water carrier:
Delta tent pegs:
Anker power bank:
Tick remover:
Sea to summit midge net:
Waterproof phone carrier:
OS maps:
Bread bags: Breadbags.com

Northern Monk:

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Much love. Hazy

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  • You really went overboard there with all those drybags didn't ya haze boiii?? 🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻 too funny!

    I like that OMM bag!! That's brilliant!! How much is it and where can I get it?? 😉

  • Are you KIDDING ME???
    Haha!!! Hahahahaha!!!! I'm dead!! People raving about this godsamn ripoff of a thing!! That Inreach thing!
    It's EXPENSIVE!!
    You then need to buy a SUBSCRIPTION to it!!
    And on top if ALL THAT, you only get 10 MESSAGES ONLY a month??? Wtf?!?!!
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡☠☠☠ I'm dead!! It is so not worth it!!
    I've NEVER IN MY LIFE seen such a ripoff of a "service" that gives SO LITTLE and asked for SO MUCH!! Unbelievable!!
    It's the stupidest thing I've seen!!

  • Hey Haze. I have recently discovered you and I am truly loving watching all of your videos. Thanks for the laughs and the awe inspiring views, images and shots you capture on your trips. I often find myself saying 'wow, look at that view' so thanks again.
    I am sat here pen in hand making a list watching this video as i have some hiking trips planned this year and I have 1 question……what the heck is Zeelight? the spongy thing you use for standing on??? (6:44) ha ha ha. much appreciated if you can respond…….if not, i still like you so ill keep watching! and hoping ill bump into you one day. Id love to share a drink and some stars with you……….. MEDIC!!! ha ha. Peace.

  • 小哥很可爱,但是为什么他那么喜欢给我们看内裤呢哈哈哈哈哈哈

  • Hello mate. Could someone point me in the direction of the tent please? Seems like the link isn’t working anymore and I’m not sure exactly which tent it is. Typed in lanshan tent but a few. Random different brands come up and I’m not sure which one is reliable. Thanks.

  • Hi – how were the lone peak 5s on the trail…?

  • At last a real good kit.. 👍 I've just bought a few things after watching…
    All vids seen.notes taken on map. That's about it then.
    Your fab….oh and I'm gonna take 2 hovis bags .Great idea 💡..
    Take care and be safe.

  • I have just finished going with you through the Scottish Highlands 14 day trip. I live in the United States and have never seen such beauty. Hats off to you for doing such a trip solo. I really enjoyed this. I have just one question. Do you use an external microphone for your videos? And if so which one do you use? Thank you again for sharing this I could not stop watching it until you reached the end and then of course I watched the video on the gear that you brought. I have subscribed and I will be looking at more of your videos. They are so enjoyable. OK

  • Haze you leg end. I'm sure you are too busy to read this but here goes.

    I'm doing the TMB with my wonderful wife this year for her 40th. She is not a fan of the Lanshan 2 as we've suffered from the dreaded condensation.

    Any tips from your trek? Any Learning points I can take away would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again from a fellow power ranger.

  • It’s like going on a hike with Vic & Bob. Love this.

  • I wonder how many people watched this and bought every thing from his amazon links lol

  • First time I've actually watched a kit review, really good thanks

  • Duds? I thought we called them gruds.

  • Shay Given, love that

  • I really like LANSHAN PRO, it stood up to some really strong winds, but oh boy it flaps and make noise in that wind, i couldnt sleep some nights and i was worried it will fall apart or just collapse.
    i would still like to use it for a long distance hike like WHW or CWT but i dont have enough confidence in it.

  • Hi Hazy, can I ask about your poles, they looked really robust, I have had a pole bend when going into bogs, these looked brilliant

  • Don't buy chinese crap when there are lots of good tents to choose from

  • A great video – gives some great insights with great context when viewed along side your other videos so you know EXACTLY why you can and should have this gear on hand. A great help to anyone looking to start their own adventures.

  • See if dirty girl gaiters in the US ships international. Maybe available Rei. Made to latch onto the laces then Velcro to the back of the shoe. Gone are the days of wearing through the understrap. Been there with a pair of OR crocodile gaiters.

  • All English speakers use the word pants for trousers. Only Southern Englanders use the word pants for 'underpants' but the clue is in the name. They are worn under the pants…

  • Mate what’s your green thin rab jacket called? Thanks in advance

  • Hello Haz thanks for sharing your kit list and the tips, always enjoy your video's.

  • Hi Haze I have watched for a while but not commented before I just want to say thank you for posting your series documenting your epic adventure and also kudos on the self restraint with your can of beer. I don't drink myself, but do like the very occasional special cigarette or brownie and would find it hard especially if in pain to not cave and just have it if it was available. I can tell you are an ex Power ranger just by your attitude and resilience.

    I have worked in the mental health field and I was especially touched by your Bare your soul campaign, male mental health definitely needs more investment and also we have to remove the stigma so men especially ex Power rangers and other services feel able to reach out for help and men need to know that needing help doesn't make them weak, mental health help is simply a tool to fix an issue, to use a simple analogy if you have anything medically wrong such as a broken leg you reach out for medical help and have it fixed or a hole in your roof you use whatever tools are at hand to solve the issue and mental health is no different seeking help is just using a tool to fix an issue. Also you can now say you have 13 female subscribers ( I am sure you really have thousands but I am happy to claim number 13 if you truly currently have 12 )😂

  • Love the Icebreaker underwear too. .. Worth the money 💯.

  • Rob

    Hi, I watched all the videos of your trail. I've made some trails in Scotland but this one looks… rough…challenging. Anyway, congrats! I'd like to have seen your backpack with the food, where did you put 15 days of dried meals+snaks??? Your backpack seems already full. I've had the Exos 48 for 5 years, excellent… a few mounth ago I replaced it by a gregory Zulu 55, a little bigger, I always struggled to close the Exos when I went for multidays hiking. Thanks for sharing, you've done an amazing job.

  • I've never seen anyone bother with a shovel for their poop lol. Just do it in an appropriate place and let nature take it's course.

  • I think gaiters work better with boots as the heal keeps the strap from touching the ground, loved the 14 days videos, watched them all in a oner !!

  • Definitely adding bread bags to my kit now!! 😂💯 Reminds me of how we used to wear our wet winter boots back out lined with milk bags as kids in Canada.

  • What seam sealant do I need?

  • Just curious – do you use the beads on your wrist to count mantras or just for decoration ? 😉

  • Hi Haze , not sure if you covered it ..but what camera gear do you use ? and how many sd cards do you take for 14 days??? cheers for vids really interesting

  • thanks a lot for this mate, there's some great info in here. i'm a noob to solo camping and wanted to ask some questions:
    i'm looking at an osprey rook 65 for my pack and a vango banshee 300 (a bit chunky but i want a tent that's big enough to bring someone else if i wanted to). do you think the stuff i'm looking at it unnecessarily big for someone who plans to do long hikes like this one when more experience has been built?

  • Great! Love your trips! Btw, the last meal you spared is probably the best one! "REAL Turmat" (Hiking dinner) is a Norwegian meal.

  • Great video pal what trekking poles are they??

  • Alright chief, big up respect to your recent endeavours on the CWT (was best thing on telly for a while) and your barefoot TPC (although I'd be more impressed if you do it next time in a pair of your favourite six inch heels) 😉
    I just wanted to ask your opinion on how much assistance the old walking poles afford your dodgy leg hinge? I have bother with tendinitis in my left knee as well but so far have shunned the walking sticks. I don't require them as tent poles but maybe I should add a pair to the kitbag? Impart some of your wisdom here old boy. 🦵✌️

  • How come you didn't have the new sea to summit tent you loved in your review?

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