EXTREME HIKING Angels Landing with the 7d

so the fam headed out to climb angels landing where we could have a birds eye view of the world tallest sandstone cliffs. I decided to bring my canon 7d, merlin steadicam (tough to use with the wind), 70-200 and a tokina 11-16. This was a special trip for leannes parents, so i really wanted to capture their experience. Darla had no intentions of hiking to the top, but to everyones suprize, she pressed forward! on our way we saw one of the endangered california condors hovering above. only 3 of us made it to the top, Mama, warren, and natalie decided to stay behind with zac (because zac wimped out!), and the old people (me, darla and bruce) decided to keep going. This is my favorite hike with fantastic views of the beautiful zions national park!

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