EE Revelation Synthetic:
EE Enigma Down:
S2S Reactor Liner:
S2S Spark IV 5F Sleeping Bag (M):
S2S Flame IV 15F Sleeping Bag (W):
Ether Light XT Extreme Sleeping Pad:
Decathlon Foam Mat:
Fleece Sweater:
Fleece Pants:
Decathlon Trek 100 Down Jacket:
Decathlon Trek 900 Down Jacket (M):
Decathlon Trek 900 Down Jacket (W):
Camp Slippers (MEC):
Baffin Camp Slippers:
Fiskars 14″ Hatchet:
Lexivon 10″ Hatchet:
Lexivon 14″ Hatchet:
Silky Pocket Boy Saw:
Flora Guard Saw:
Opinel Knife:
Fire Starter:
MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove:
Quickdraw Filter:
Powdered Soap:
Waymark Lite Pack:
Durston X-Mid 2 Tent:

Garmin InReach Mini:
Decathlon Down Jacket –
REI Flash 55 Pack:
Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt:
Garmin Fenix Watch:
Lanshan 1 Pro Tent:
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  • Thanks for the video! But for places like where I live, this is more of a winter gear list 😂

  • I'm surprised at the complete lack of wool here.

    Any reason for that?

  • kke

    Any thoughts on tent snow skirts?

  • Great fall list! I wonder if fall in the Canadian Rockies is like winter everywhere else?? 🤣 Love the camp shoe/slipper idea. I find my feet definitely get cold at night hanging around camp, especially if they've gotten a little wet from hiking in sloppy winter conditions. Another great video!

  • I am really looking forward to the winter season. I wonder what is your opinion on tents in the winter? I heard that silk nylon is not as insolating as a poly tent. Also how much do you care about the tent in the winter time?

  • $$$ 1100.00 $$$ Can you suggest a sleeping system that doesn't cost over $1000.00? I understand you are promoting the ideal set-up. My car isn't worth $1000.00.

  • You are such a bad ass! Currently making my way through your latest adventure docu. Great info I enjoy your vids man!

  • Super informative! Loved that you included true budget options!

  • I love camping in the winter and you are the main reason why I purchased items from Decathlon. Love their jackets, thanks man, you have excellent videos!

  • Hi Justin picked up some of the powdered soap you listed, do you have a source or recommendation for the container you use with it? Thanks!

  • Down booties from Goosefeet Gear were a GAME CHANGER for me. There were many nights where I'd be perfectly warm except my toes. I just leave them inside my quilt all year since they weigh nothing and pack down. If its REALLY cold, throw in some toe warmers an hour before you go to bed and you'll slip on some nice toasty warm down booties!

  • Those down slippers look so warm, now I actually want to replace my home ones! 😍
    Thanks so much for making a video that touches on boosting your existing sleep system; it's a boon to those of us who can't afford 2 whole separate Big 3s for different shoulders. Sometimes it feels like a lot of outdoors influencers tend to forget that ppl who aren't cashed up like them still like to go camping, too – & that, in fact, it used to be known as The Poor Man's Primary Holiday Option!
    I'm a cold sleeper, but also a broke bitch due to involuntary medical retirement, & on the 1 hand, I only had to ever have 1 night sleeping so cold I was in pain from the shivering fits to know that I never wanted to risk experiencing that again, but on the other, I'm an Aussie who only camps in 3 seasons & does zero mountaineering. Some of this advice is terrifically valuable to me!

    I can't afford a separate Winter sleep-system, so that 1 experience kind of spooked me from Autumn+early Spring camping, but I love every other part of it, & I have missed it a lot. I'm thinking I might try to save up what very little spare change I have left after rent, bills + food for a couple of months, & then go see what I can find in the way of cheap used top-quilts/down blankets (I already have a cheap foil mat, for under my pad, & have both silk + fleece sleeping-bag liners) to wrap my existing, pretty-thin bag, in my local pawn shops.
    Never know, might get lucky.

    Being so broke, & especially with The Great Plague putting the kibosh on local interstate bus travel as present, camping really is the only option for escape that I get, so thanks for helping me realise I may actually have more options than I had previously thought.
    It was a gift to humanity, this one. Cheers, Justin. ❤❤❤

  • You don't really need an axe to make fire, a good knife and a small saw are more than enough to process wood.

  • Same sleep mat here (in 'Long') – it's not UL, about 1kg, and not as easy as some to roll up tight but it's quiet, very warm (insulating), and very comfortable regardless of sleeping on side, back or even front (and I'm about 100kg/220lbs.) Everyone who camps must have at least one Trekology v2 pillow by now 😀 – absolute bees knees, and great value!

  • Xmid. Hell yeah. Now you just need the solid inner that Dan is coming out with next year.

  • I dont always produce enough body heat to warm the air in my inflatable pad, even the winter rated ones. For those nights I place the foam pad on top, shiny side up, and sleep toasty warm. The foam pad acts as a barrier to the cold air inside my sleeping pad as well as reflects my body heat back to me.

  • Get a mora bushcrafter to baton firewood instead of the hatchet. Thats much lighter.

    knifepointgear has an extremely good saw and much lighter saw than the silky

  • Great video, was this filmed on your Samsung Galaxy S10e?

  • 500 dollar bag but budget 20 hatchet……cheap knife as well. What about a budget bag that works? It kills me …. these prices. I mean I love good gear but my hatchet is 150 same as my knife. These bags though….

  • Just get one (1) customized Enlightened Equipment Revaluation or Enigma O degree rated quilt (upgrade from the 20 degree). That way it will be as warm as the two (2) quilts that you're using, but you will save weight and a lot of pack space.

  • What are your thoughts in relation to the size/bulk/weight of the new Sea to Summit XT Extreme ?

  • Do you find that the synthetic over quilt compresses your down quilt at all? And if so, do you think that’s a problem? I have a 50 degree synthetic and a 20 degree down. But the synthetic is smaller than the down

  • Sweet!!! That is my exact quilt winter setup and it has worked flawlessly. Thank you for validating the effectiveness of that set up. I layer a 20 degree E.E. Revelation down quilt with a 40 degree E.E. Enigma synthetic quilt. The lowest temps i have used that set up has been down to about 0F/-17C and have stayed nice and warm. As you have mentioned, I too use the synthetic quilt as the top layer so that it protects the down quilt from condensation. A pro tip that i learned by accident is that i am glad i ordered the synthetic quilt in a wide version. Since my down quilt is of regular width, the wider synthetic quilt covers me and the down quilt fully without allowing drafts when you shift sleeping positions at night. These two quilts pretty much cover nearly 100% of the temperature ranges i go out in. I use the 40 degree synthetic quilt by itself in warm temps (although a 50 degree quilt will be better for really warm days), the 20 degree down quilt by itself in colder days, and the combination of the two quilts layered together in bone chilling temps. What is also great is that both quilts combined weigh only 40oz/1.1 kilos, which is still lighter than the majority of winter sleeping bags on the market, even some high end sleeping bags. The compression of both quilts together is also still great.

  • Time to retire those well-loved liner gloves 😉 I love your slippers! Do you hike in the pants you used during the GDT and layer under them during typical fall weather? Or is it cold enough that you start using your winter shell pants?

  • Nice tent! I recommend adding four foot guylines to the corners (Andrew Skurka advises this) for use with snow stake and overall versatility.

  • These videos are always valuable information to dedicated backpackers. Thank you for your help.

  • Excellent video Justin, I am heading out today for a quick shake-down shoulder season 2 nighter before my Three Isle trek. Testing my 10F Engima and Therm-a-rest NeoAir XTherm as well as finally seam sealing my 3FUL Lanshan 1 Pro 4 season tent while sleeping in my MSR. Base weight dialled in at 24lbs with a heavier tent and hopefully taking my Lanshan 4 Season on my Three Isle trek to get my base weight down even lower. Stay safe!

  • Hi,

    Will you be doing a review on the sea to summit spark IV? i'm thinking of buying one but cant see anybody who has done a rveview of it.


  • Oooh…rocking the Durston tent now eh?!

  • I have to admit I’m a little disappointed you published this. I’m putting out a VERY similar video next week. I know at least some of of our viewers overlap. I would have just preferred they think you copied me than the other way around. 😅. But if I’m going to be accused of copying someone your a good person to copy.

  • Great Justin, thanks. Looking forward to some fall and winter vids – Beautiful in Canada! – Cheers from Sweden

  • You really have to stop buying grey and black gear. Everything in grey & black is dark. Try implementing colours, maybe a few that clash, you look too dreary, come on man.

  • There is a way to not have to bring a hatchet. I bring a Becker BK11, it's a neck knife with a 3.5 inch long blade, or my More Kansbol that has a 4" blade. I then split the wood I cut with the saw by batoning with the blade.

  • love that Decathlon trek 100

  • did you get the XMID DCF preview yet? I am trying to decide between it and the tarptent stratosphire LI

  • Thanks for the video Justin! This is just in time for my fall backpacking trip later this month.

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