Family Camping – Our Gear Overview

In this video, I take you through some of the essential gear that we use when we take our family of 4 on a camping adventure.
This was my wife and daughter’s FIRST CAMPING trip…watch the end to see if you think they’ll come back!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching 🙂

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  • I love camping and it's so not fun when there are people that don't really enjoy it. I call those peeps the Hotel campers. Lol. I love getting dirty and having fun. Hot shower before bed and cuddle in the sleeping bag with my…………..wait for it……..drum roll……..,…………Dog… she is the best camping buddy ever. I'd love to find a man that loves it as much as me but til then….. me and my girl woof. 🐕

  • Helpful tip with your toilet paper, keep in plastic bag so it stays dry and it helps to rip a bunch of decent size pre torn sheets so its easier to grab and dont get messy, i actually do this for tracking blood trails in deer season but also good for whatever

  • My least favorite thing about camping is looking for firewood and realizing its been raining for the past week and theres nothing but wet, mossy, or rotten pieces of wood then having to travel back 45 minutes to get wood from a gas station
    just to heat up a can of chef boyardee ravioli. 🙁

  • Where is the camping site in this video? Looks somewhat private which would be nice. We live in north Georgia.

  • Nice… 👍
    Beautiful family… A family camping trip is great, and lots fun. It's also a lot of work, but worth it. The more you go, the more stuff you'll accumulate. The more you accumulate the less you'll bring. Great video, enjoyed watching. Thank you for sharing, take care. 🇺🇲

  • Everyone is commenting about convincing their wives while I am here literally begging my husband. I have been camping every year since I was 6months old and he is not the camping type 😭

  • Also…you look like a young John Stamos! 😎

  • The foldable shovel was my favorite, I never would have thought of that ever! So…the snake bite kit…how often do you come across snakes???

  • Dude what’s up! This is Nick Korn. I did not expect to see a familiar face when I clicked on this! Hopefully you made a believer out of the wife this trip. Enjoyed the content and slick editing.

  • We are gearing up for a camping trip for our family of six! (4 kids 10 years down to 2 years old). This is helpful! Prior to this, I always just sent my husband with our preschool and up child/ children and kept a baby at home. I am so looking forward to getting back outside!

  • Does your tshirt say lake Lanier ? Lol 😂 I’m terrified of that grave lake but I like the video nice 👍

  • Awesome! I'm finally getting my wife around to trying camping. We have a 2 year old and she loves the outdoors like her dad so we keep working on mom. I think we're gonna get our first family camping trip year!

  • Love the video! Where did you get your pull wagon? Is that even what you’d call it?! Love it!

  • Nice 👍🏼 thank you for the information

  • Thanks mate, first attemp this year to camp this summer with a 4yrs old and a 2 yrs old. Cant Wait !

  • SO NICE……………………………………………………….. LOVELY………….

  • Dios bendiga a Todos los que estan leyendo esto! Deseo que tengan un hermoso dia! Buscad a Dios mientras pueda ser hallado! Jesus es el camino y el unico camino y regresa pronto! Recuerda cuando te sientas que no eres amado… el mayor sacrificio se hizo por amor! EL SUICIDIO NUNCA ES LA RESPUESTA!

    Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna.
    S. Juan 3:16 RVR1960

    La paga del pecado es muerte (infierno) pero Cristo pagó nuestra deuda en la cruz para nuestra salvacion! Debemos volvernos a Dios y apartarnos de nuestros caminos pecaminosos, confesar que Jesús es el Señor y creer con nuestro corazón que fue resucitado de entre los muertos por Dios, y  debemos de ser bautizados en el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo y vivir por Su palabra y mandamientos! Confia que Dios ayudara con el resto!

    Busca a Dios, antes de que sea muy tarde! Hoy podria ser tu ultimo dia en la tierra!

    Que tengas un hermoso dia!

  • Lovely and blessed family! ❤️. I Just get a little nervous sleeping under those big trees. When I’m camping I’m always looking for that. Please keep it in mind for your next beautiful family time. Is just a tip for the safety of the family. Blessings. Beautiful video! I’m subscribed.

  • I have paracord in my kit and use it for all kinds of things. Next camping trip, doing the JiffyPop. I’m teaching my son how to start a fire using a steel. My daughter likes to cook so we do a lot of campfire cooking with cast iron. I believe if you start camping with young kids, you have great memories and something they might do with their kids.

  • Would be nice if you shared the name of brands in the description. Thanks though for the coffee suggestion. I'll be looking into it.

  • Gotta have a roll of TP because you never know when you’re gonna have to do more than PP.

  • that's a nice site. Wheres this?

  • Once your jiffy pop begins to sizzle, you need to keep shaking the container otherwise it just burns too easily.

  • Just came across your video. Some good tips! 👍🏻
    I couldn't believe it when I saw the Wander hat and then the Lanier rowing shirt because I'm in Cumming! Checking out the podcast later today.

  • Wow. This totally motivated me to take my boys camping they are 4 and 6. I want to spend more time with them and would love to do this.

    Any tips on where to start?

    I had 90% of the items in ur bags and tote as I’m somewhat of a prepper, haha.

  • From a fellow Eagle Scout – Great Job.

  • Great video. New subscriber. 999 subs when I subscribed so congratulations on reaching 1000 subscribers!!! My wife was just diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and I'm trying to make what time I have left with her as enjoyable as possible. She hasn't been tent camping since she was a child and I've never been so thank you for the tips. I'm sure I've got way too much and spent too much money on my gear but oh well. Comfort is priority #1 in her case so thanks again. We're headed out this weekend so wish us luck…lol. If all else fails then we can always sleep in the jeep.

  • Don’t forget to bring a towel!

  • More people need to be taught "pack in pack out." I learned that in the Girl Scouts.

  • One of my favorite parts about camping is seeing what I forgot and then going and buying some new camping stuff

  • OMG your kids are adorable! Nice family time. As an avid camper I started taking and teaching my son how to when he was 5, Yosemite. Any younger would’ve been difficult for me to pitch tent etc since I’m a single mom and had to watch him closely. He’s 23 now and loves nature, off roading and camping are his thing as well as mine.

  • Learned a lot from you Sir, we are just a newbie family camper, I got 3 kids and they enjoyed a lot camping.

  • What is the thumbnail font used for? I'm Japanese so I'm sorry if my words are wrong💦

  • I like the lantern light. Probably I'll bring it next on my upcoming second time camping plan. Thank you for sharing.

  • Awe, your wife may come around with a few additions to your gear. You met her halfway between sleeping on a pile of leaves in the rain and normal people camping. You actually need to meet her halfway between your home and Eagle Scout camping. I don't mean to suggest that glamping is required…But looking at your spotless house, I could see she wouldn't be a fan of bugs and smelly gear. So, ask her to find a cute tablecloth, bring a queen sized air mattress (yes, it will be bulky). Comfy pillows and blankets and a set of battery operated fairy lights that you can string inside the tent. Maybe find a site that has electricity (just for a few times), this will probably be closer to people, which might make her feel more safe from animals. Ask her to mix up some of her essential oils to spritz in the tent (Cedarwood?). Once she can see past all the sucky things, she might find a love for the outdoors and slowly give up her luxury items. Personally, my husband won't camp with me because I won't let him bring the Playstation, lol.

  • She’s looking like… I hate it here!!!!!

  • “Melt her face off” 😂😂😂😂 as a wife who camps with her husband – I think I can speak for all the wives and say thank you sir.

  • Your a hardcore camper! Your the only one with real camping things I've seen so far!! You make me realize how many things I don't have!! 🙄 when we leave in two days!

  • Jiffy Pop! Yes!!! This is an excellent resource. Thank you!

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