Favourite Hiking Gear for the TA And My Worst Backpacking Gear Choices // Gear You Should Buy FIRST

Want to know some of my favourite hiking gear for the TA? Or even some of my worst backpacking gear choices? Then this video is for you! If you’re in the process of preparing for a long distance hike and want to know what hiking gear you should buy first, this video should give you some great suggestions. I’m covering some of my favourite backpacking gear to give you some ideas of how to choose good hiking gear.

If you’re new to hiking, backpacking or tramping, in this video you might also get some ideas for the best backpacking gear for beginners in addition to some of the backpacking or hiking gear to avoid buying from the outset!

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  • You can't get them in NZ but the best towels and the cheapest are from Decathlon.

  • Thanks for all your videos. My biggest question is about fuel (gas canisters) resupply in the South Island, how are is it to get gas canisters? Can you post them in your resupply boxes?

  • zoe

    Thanks for the video! When you say 10 degree do you mean farenheit? I was thinking of getting a 20F, do you think it would be too cold for NZ? Thanks 🙂

  • I love seeing gear videos!! This is so helpful for me! Thank you!!

  • Wow a lot of good information in this video. It just goes to show how common gear items are carried by most of us. Sorry to hear your hands starting to look like old lady hands, just wait until you are 79 years old then gloves will be the only thing you can do to hide them. Lol

  • I'm loving your very informative video's thanks Michelle. T.A has just been a low simmering thought of late so its great to find info on how to & what it's like from your perspective. Love the gear reviews too. Have subbed. 🙂

  • Question: what software do you use to process your cell phone video clips? I need to a program to do that as I prepare to teach my university classes online this fall. Thanks!

  • Nice Video! Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see more 👍

  • Hello my friend hope you are well and having a great weekend so far. Just found you today and really pleased we have your videos are awesome. Tent looks fantastic, your knowledge is amazing hun, keep up the good work. Thanks so much for sharing your video with us really appreciate it. Take care and stay safe my friend catch up soon 👍❤️🙏

  • If you haven’t bought a new pillow yet, then I couldn’t recommend enough the Exped REM pillow! Absolutely amazing! I’ve tried so many pillows including the s2s one (still not bad though) but hands down, Exped REM pillow beats them all. Why? 1. Has a foam layer which makes the pillow soft esp for your ears = superior comfort 2. You can remove the outer layer and wash it = cleaner 3. Since you can remove the outer layer, it means you can repair the pillow = no more deflated night’s sleep. So comfortable and functional 🥰💤

  • Great info, as always – thanks!
    I found that off-brand cheap microfiber towels work just as fine… and if you need more than one, it pays to buy a large one (beach towel size) and cut it to the sizes needed. Doesn't fray at all. I also like to use a (triangular) bandana cut from a microfiber towel.
    Concerning pillows, take a look at the "Exped Air Pillow UL", it's lighter (and cheaper) than the StS one.

  • DAC tent stakes.. Small and medium size. You won't be disappointed ever again !

  • I agree you need to have a pillow and a hot cuppa .
    I have done some very rocky ,sandy and muddy tracks and trail runners are my go to you can go for longer without tiring and trail runners have good cushioning that look after your feet better just dont buy cheep shoes as your feet not be happy. I am now wearing Hoka trail runners as they have a slight rocking sole on them. I find them great even on hard surfaces . Hoka shoes come in a wide tow box option i am picking my new ones up tomorrow from the shoe clinic there service is amazing .

  • All Blacks! I played hook on a very terrible team.

    I have decided the Fillo pillow is worth the extra weight. Also after many years and miles in heavy leather boots, trail runners with gaiters are the way to go. Unless you are climbing McKinley, or Aoraki, go with trail runners. Good video.

  • I prefer hiking boots, for better ankle support and to minimize rocks getting in my shoes. Are either of those issues a problem for you with your trail runners?

  • I just got that mug. I'll put it through some rigorous testing next week in the southern alps.

  • Excellent information,great channel!

  • check out dac stakes… tough & they nest!

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