Fire Safety When Camping – Hiking – On the Trail

In this video I’ll share some tips and suggestions on how to minimize the chance that you may inadvertently cause a wildfire on your next backpacking or hiking trip. Even some small and simple steps can cut the risk of starting a devastating fire down significantly. And for more wildfire tips, check out this article –

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  • What was the hike you were planning to do?

  • First time visit to Yosemite June 2021. Seen lots of fire damage and dry conditions. Also lots of downed trees so the fuel is there for fire. It’s gonna take a coordinated effort on everyone’s part for some time to get the fires reduced season after season.

  • Can't wait to hear about the notification service. Just got back from a multi-day trip around Whitney/ Crabtree Basin (got in before the closure). Guy on the trail said he got a notice regarding the closure on his InReach. Thought he meant an "official" notice. Turns out it was a message from his wife. Talked to the Ranger at Rock Creek campground and asked him if he'd heard of anything like an official notification service that sends out alerts to InReach type devices but he hadn't.

  • Well they closed down all the National Forests. I agree, we don't need another fire right now or to use resources that we don't really have doing normal day to day rescues, patrol, enforcement and such…
    I got to have coffee though when I go backpacking, so that requires a stove.

  • Thanks fpr the SOS about fire, tips!

  • So sad that you have to say that you are not making a political statement. Yup, fire is fire, and the destruction is real. For survival purpose, one is better to carry an extra layer of insulation and an emergency bivy.

  • I just came back from Yosemite, Zion , Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and the Eastern Sierra. I made sure i document everything especially the giant Sequoias for memories in case they don't survive. Our wilderness is living on borrowed times unfortunately because of human irresponsibility. They might not survive in our lifetime. It's really sad.

  • I'm hoping this video was done before the temp. National forest closures. Either way, as usual, very valuable information for people who are new to outdoor cooking/camping. Unfortunately every summer in SoCal, we have fires that destroy large sections of our forests and trails. It's getting to the point that on almost every hike I go on, I run into old burnt out sections from some old fire. Gonna be interesting to hike up in the bobcat fire area when it reopens next year for sure

  • couscous? Someone has been watching Darwin on the trail

  • "We all have friends that do dumb stuff" isn't that the truth!!

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