Gear Hacks I Use For My Hiking Gear

In this video I look at a few hiking gear hacks that I use in my setup to be able to either get multiple uses from a single piece of gear or otherwise be able to use an item in the most efficient way. Hope you find these useful and leave a comment to share any hacks you use for your hiking or backpacking gear.

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  • I'll make a gear hack video soon I'm new to channel love from van diemens land

  • Nice hacks Chris! I find it funny that all of my hiking gear always has its own spot when hiking. But when it comes to my spoon, the spoon often changes from being inside my food bag to a few random pockets in my pack. I often have small panic moments of 'omg where is my spoon' I don't know why I do that to myself. 😛 but i'll think of this video if i ever lose my spoon!

  • Thanks for the mention Chris!
    Was good to catch up.
    100% stealing that buff idea over pillow idea, thats brilliant!

    When I was a kid camping with my dad I remember him making some chopsticks from some sticks, he carved off the bark, put them across the fire to sterilize and just used them for our trip, thought that was pretty clever. Looks like the pegs is the modern version of something like that.

  • Great video! Re the tent peg spoon, next time you're at Maccas grab a Mcflurry and the plastic spoon can easily slide on a peg to make a long spoon as a backup.

  • Good tip re using your buff as a pillow case… think I'll be using that one.
    Cool that you were able to meet up with Jake.
    Thanks for sharing your tips and hacks.

  • Great hacks Chris. Would love to see your tent peg/spoon hack in action!

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