Gear you need to pack for hiking in Norway.

We have been hiking all over Norway last year and had to learn the hard way that the right hiking gear matters!

Having wet feet for a whole day is not worth it!

So it might be great to share some insights for you to have a great hiking experience up in the north 🙂

In the video, I’m going over everything you might need for a day hike. So there is no sleeping/shelter gear included. That might be good for another gear review video. Remember, Norway has pretty much 4 seasons within one day so you might be carrying more than you would expect.

Moving here gave me a whole new perspective on hiking in general so I hope this packing list helps you not to be surprised.

– Härkila leather boots
– Viking rubber boots
– Icebug shoes for the winter

– Wool shirt (2x)
– T-shirt (3x)
– Socks (many, wool and normal)
– Wool sweater
– IDC Hoodie
– Helly Hansen winter jacket

Food & Drink:
– Nalgene 1.5L (2x)
– Gas & self-igniting burner
– Teabags & Coffee
– Bialetti 1 cup
– Foldable fishing rod & lures (sweat and saltwater)

– Leatherman side clip
– Insulating seat pad
– Thread or cord

Camera Gear:
– Sony A7RIII
– Sony A7RIV
– Sony 50mm 1.8
– Sony 70-200mm 2.8
– Sigma 35mm 1.2
– Røde Video Mic NTG
– Zoom H1N
– Deity V-Lav
– Peak Design Slide
– Mophie 26.000 MAH
– Tairod Tripod
– Joby Gorilla Pod large

– Tatonka Yukon X1 85+10

Enjoy your hikes in Norway 🙂


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