Glacier Peak Wilderness Loop & the PCT, 8 day backpacking hiking in Washington w My Own Frontier 4k

Glacier Peak Wilderness, backpacking and hiking a PCT Loop in Washington, PNW with My Own Frontier in 4k.

Join me on an 8 day, 101 mile, backpacking loop around Glacier Peak in the state of Washington, July 2019. Me and my buddy Joey Coconato start from the White River trailhead, and make the mistake of going up the White River drainage instead of the Indian Creek drainage to meet up with the PCT. We read a trail report saying the trail was not maintained, but oΒ΄boy we had no idea what we would be in for. We bushwacked in deep, sometimes impenetrable brush and vegetation for the next 15 miles. It got worse the further away from the trailhead we got, but there was no way we could turn and go back, so we pushed on and finally reached the PCT. Our trip continued over White Pass, Red Pass, Kennedy Ridge, Glacier Ridge, Fire Creek Pass, Vista Ridge, an 6 to 8 mile detour down the Suiattle river, over Buck Creek Pass, High Pass and finally Boulder Pass to end up at White River. It was an ordeal, with rain, broken tent poles, broken shoe laces, blisters and rats invading our space, several days over 20 miles, and up to 6800 ft of elevation gain. Quite the adventure. If you want to follow us on the trip, please take a look at the video I filmed in 4k ultra HD. There is some quite stunning scenery in there.
Joey CoconatoΒ΄s youtube channel (My Own Frontier) is:

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I use equipment from Arcteryx, La Sportiva, Petzl, Marmot, The North Face, Black Diamond, Osprey Packs, NorΓΈnna, Helly Hansen and more.

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  • What an incredible journey. one of my favorite places I've been. When I close my eyes and think specifically of High Pass>Napeequa Valley>Boulder Pass, I have a real sense of calm. Thank you for providing this stunning piece of work!

  • This is my favorite terrain. Mountains πŸ” and rivers – evergreens and green forest. Beautiful hike and scenery in this film.

  • In 1965 & 66, right out of high school, I was one of a two-man trail crew. We maintained all the trails on the Lake Wenatchee Ranger District.

    We spent two weeks clearing out the brush on the White River above Boulder Creek & later built a new bridge across Boulder Creek.

    I had heard that now the upper White River trail is gone. So sad.

    I remember hiking back down from White River Pass, in the dark, after one of our sojourns. That’s how good the trail was!

    Seems like our country didn’t afford anything any more.

  • It is as if I were there at your side, Jarl, hiking towards glaciers and snow-covered mountains. Amazing white peaks and meadows full of wild flowers.
    Magnificent ! Mankind should feel modest and humble in front of such a grandious scenery. Thanks for your very professional filming and for sharing with us your sincere love of wild nature ! Greetings to the jolly good fellow Joey. From Ghent, Flanders, Belgium.

  • Can't wait to do glacier peak wilderness. You really got some amazing shots !!! So cool. Thank you

  • Great video, I appreciate the captions – helpful for planning a trip out there! I’d love to check out Glacier Peak some more.

  • Thank you. This was a trip down memory lane. I hiked in the High Pass, Buck Creek Pass area in the late 1960's. Glad it's still beautiful. I want to go there… go "Home".

  • Spectacular, breath taking views. You've just changed my mind from going back to RMNP to checking this out!

  • That shot at 17:05 oh my god!! I haven't even finished your video yet. I love Joey's videos too! I would love to meet y'all some day! I have watched probably every single one of Joey's videos!

  • I am so blessed to live in this area. Great video!

  • Not gonna give ou thumbs up or thumbs down on this one. I liked the hike but i like your narration and when you set up your map and show on the map your routes.

  • Another epic trek, spellbinding. Scenery 5+/5, Solitude 5+/5, Stable video 5/5. Thanks for posting this.

  • simply love this one the most…stunning

  • Awesome, beautiful, God is an Awesome God! Thank you for not playing blaring music.

  • This reminds so much of when I was homesteading in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness (Oregon Cascades) many years ago. Breathtaking, but when it gets to raining, it seeps right into your bones. All you want is a cup of something hot and a roaring fire. I really felt that on your day three stop. lol Wonderful footage! πŸ˜€

  • Beautiful Video. Im binge watching all of your videos right now.

  • I have seen a bunch of you and Joey and Cathrine's work and I'll have to say I think GPW has the most dynamic terrain and like Joey said these are the coolest looking mountains. You got to understand my envy of you guys I live in Cenral Florida and there is mostly only horizontal hiking at about 100 feet above sea level! Im getting into training and soon will be planning a trip out west. Since my sister lives in Irvine I'll probably plan for Sequoia KIngs… not a very long drive. Thanks for the post

  • Have you hike from Pete lake trail to Walpus lake-spade-venud? I have November 25 true 29 th backpacking and I was wondering how will be between Pete lake trail to walpus lake..

  • My favorite duo! I'm chipping away at all your beautifully made videos. Gaining tips, planning for my next backpacking trips. You guys should check out Lost Creek Wilderness in Colorado. I think you could do the loop in under 2 days, but should stay and explore Refrigerator Gulch area. Some sick views.

  • E S

    What a beautiful, spectacular, place!

  • beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  • The views are so beautiful. No annoying music. Just the sound of nature.
    Thank you so much. I love all your videos.

  • This is my back yard I love these mountains I've hitchhicked all over the US for 9 years and this is by far my most favorite place in all the lower 48 you could spend several life times out here and still not be able to see everything those who just stay on hwy 20 thru the park are really missing out the true north Cascades experience you have to hike in to the wilderness were the animals are free to be animals and arnt scared of you youl see more than of everything you've always hoped for out of mother nature and so much more it's truly the most precious gem in America

  • This was just incredible video! Big fan of you and Joey! I’m planning on doing about 90 miles up the the next week.

  • boulder pass is beautiful

  • another awesome video.thanks πŸ™‚

  • looking at my geo map trail ends at high pass, your video shows faint trail to Boulder pass and back to White River. Where can i find more info on that section of the trail . i am not very good at route finding and must follow trail it could be really faint but a trail. thx

  • love this video, wanna do this with my daughter last week of august, could you please give me more info like trailhead where you started and possibly name /number of the trails, i only know that you are walking some section of PCT but can't really find a good info on this loop, thanks a lot

  • Breathtakingly beautiful…truly some of those high mountain shots took my breath away

  • I live in Seattle and your video just showed why I never do any real hiking west of the Cascades. It’s miserable. Give me the glorious desert or drier climate mountains, but never this wet, dank, dreary, damp, soaking rain forest to hike in. Never. One run in with pneumonia due to unrelenting wet for three days was lesson enough for me.

  • C W

    Thank you so much for enduring all that rain to make this video! So beautiful I could cry.

  • love love love, do you know where i can find map of this loop you did, thx

  • C Q

    Beautiful area! I did this in 1994 with a friend and two pack goats. We had the same problems, dangerous snow fields, log crossings over swift waters. You missed some beautiful scenery do to the low clouds. Like you show….rugged with deep drainages. Spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  • New sub here! Great video what camera and lens are you using? Looks great! Thanks

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