Hikers Scary Run In With Giant Bigfoot on Jardine Juniper Mountain Trail

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  • What good is a 10mm going to do??? Blow a dam big hole in anything you point it at!

  • Can we know what video cam you used to make this video??? Its so powerful and can zoom in so smooth and crystal clear picture!!!

  • Saturday May 14th 2022
    I hope Jeff and his wife will be very assertive and extremely vigilant from that moment of their encounter with Bigfoot Sasquatch – forward!!
    They're both pretty lucky to live to tell about it, praise God!
    The fact that the Bigfoot Sasquatch did not charge them off the mountain at a dead run, or bluff charge them signifies that they were very lucky and blessed that day!!
    However, the Bigfoot Sasquatch clearly doesn't want them on that mountain where he lives or travels! Also the throwing rocks, could be a sign of the Bigfoot Sasquatch not being too happy that they're in his domain, and his way of communicating that. I can tell you from my personal experience of my encounter with a Bigfoot Sasquatch back in 1985 when I was 17 years of age on my aunt 10 acres of raw woodsy property in Boring Oregon. Sometimes that's a warning to us, to get out of there area or domain. As it was in my case! The Bigfoot Sasquatch doesn't care who owns the land!, When he's unhappy that you're there he's going to let you know most definitely! And the signs that you get, are very important to listen too! And they could save your life!! The Bigfoot Sasquatch has been known to send out low frequency vibes that only animals can hear. Hence the reason why the forest goes dead silent when he's around in the area!! These low frequency vibes that he sends out only animals can hear. Hence the reason why horses, dogs, get so upset, aggressive, whine and whimper, or soil themselves sometimes. The High frequency vibes we can hear … Or should I say feel them. Hence the reason why we feel dread, fear, nausea, panic, anxiety, like someone's watching us or stalking us, etc., etc., etc.
    And by the way, if you feel like someone's watching you while you're in the forest, woods, or desert … Usually that's because you are!! Just saying.
    And you really don't want to push the envelope with them/ challenge them when it comes to a Bigfoot Sasquatch not wanting you in his/her domain!! Because they just might become very aggressive, as the one I encountered back in 1985
    And no folks, they are not apes, or ape descent, or a creature, or a mythical creature like a unicorn!! They are of human descent, they have human DNA in them as well. They are very intelligent and have their own language. They're excellent hunters and very skillful at it as well. And they can also catch your scent! They can camouflage themselves into their environment, almost like a chameleon can … where you can walk right past one before you even ever see him/ her!! They know you are there, before you see them!! And they can stalk or be hunting you, before you even realize it!! And don't be surprised if there are Bigfoot Sasquatches that are cannibals as well!! I myself, find it very unsettling now that I truly know of their existence in our woods, forest, and deserts. I view them, like I do a great white shark… They're very majestic because of their power and stealth … but I wouldn't want to be close enough to pet one!! Like the great white shark I have nothing but respect for each one, and their domain. After all it is their domain as I mentioned before, no matter whom owns the land!! They're an Apex predator all day long!! If I never see another Bigfoot Sasquatch in my whole life, that would be too soon!!
    However, I had a wonderful young lady whom reach out to me on a post after a comment I had made on a Bigfoot Sasquatch movie called The Sightings. And this young lady cautiously studies them on our own time. And the one thing I was enlightened by in her comment was the fact that she mentioned that there's good Bigfoot Sasquatches, and bad ones that are very aggressive towards human beings, and really don't like us!! Infact, sometimes the bad Bigfoot Sasquatches, will killed the good ones for wanting to interact with human beings. I found that extremely enlightening, and positively moving. Because before her post, and outreach to me, I just thought them to be demoness/ vile / beings from my horrific encounter!!
    I can tell you folks, they are not to be reckoned with!! All these YouTube shows, and talks about folks wanting to have an encounter with them, and seek them out … Is just extreme crazy talk!! And if you are on a journey to seek them out … to study them or find out more information on them as a being … like the person whom spoke to me is doing on her quest / journey. There is a vast of information and knowledge you should have and need to know beforehand about them … before you even think about venturing out on your quest / journey to seek them out, as she does!! And know the risks involved. But definitely practice extreme caution, have respect for them as beings, and know when to turn around and leave when you are not wanted!! They are fascinating No doubt, but they're also unpredictable, let's not forget they're intelligent!! And that is a perfect combination for dangerous if you don't know what to do when you encounter one!! And if you had an encounter before as I have, once is enough!, And you will remember it for the rest of your life as if it was yesterday!! And considering what I do for my livelihood man alone does not scare me now that I know, what I know exist out there in our forest and woods and deserts!! Needless to say, I have never been back to my aunt's 10 acres of raw woodsy property!! Nor will I ever!!
    Yes the encounter definitely changed my life forever. The appeal to live in the woods as I used too in California has been a bit tainted!! It is, what it is!!
    I thank you for sharing this encounter with us folks!! It's very important to bring awareness to folks that the Bigfoot Sasquatch exist in our woods, forests, and deserts. Because there's a lot of hunters that go hunting deep in our woods and forest, families that go out there camping, not to mention fishing. And also hikers that go off trail at times.
    Enclosing, we live in a very big world folks, it's virtually impossible to travel every nook and cranny of our forest, woods, and deserts!!
    There's a reason why the Bigfoot Sasquatch is elusive, and cares to remain that way!!
    Stay safe.

  • Thanks enjoyed hearing your story. I think Bigfoots just want to be left alone, the rock throwing is just to scare people away when they accidentally cross their paths.

  • the reason why a baseball has a sound ,it has seams.rocks last time i checked don't have seams.FOS.

  • K B

    keep up the good work

  • How come one of these bigfoots can’t be caught the million dollar question

  • Oh man, what are you filming with? That's amazing.

  • Why not just invest the money or get a rich wealthy sponsor and by hundreds if not thousands of trail cams and just place them everywhere?

  • Scary as heck I know. Never be aggressive towards them untill it's obvious it's not a good one. You had your wife with you so her safety is at stake. If things go wroung, the most terrible creatures have a very hard time continuing blind. Try for the eyes and a 10mm will do it. Leave immediately as there is almost always more than one. Awareness expansion is part of our evolution. Be wise and aware, not afraid.👍

  • I hope we find a civilized way to communicate with them.

  • Excellent camera work; crystal clarity as you zoom in and out. However, that is the problem as it shows what modern cameras are capable of, but as soon as a Bigfoot hove's into view cameras lose their visual fidelity and/or photographers lose focus and develop the shakes, as illustrated with the photograph at 3:53.
    As interested as I am in bigfoot I do not find this overly dramatic and slightly hysterical account credible or compelling. "Ripping" his gun out, not letting the creature "Control" him, taking his friends up to throw rocks at a tree, "blood running cold" etc.
    As far as I am aware, there are no accounts of Bigfoot physically attacking hikers or causing any harm. Given their supposed size and strength they could easily kill or maim a human, but have not done so, which argues that they have some sort of self-control and perhaps morality. What does the protagonist of this story do on seeing an unfamiliar creature? Takes out a gun, ready to shoot if he glimpses it again, though I can understand the apprehension; just leave quickly. Confirmation that if Bigfoot exists then he is better off with his locations not being discovered by man. Imagine the swarms of moronic hunters closing in on their dwelling places. Leave well alone and do not report sightings.

  • Even with all the fear people report feeling I can’t help but think these creatures aren’t malevolent. With their size and ability to seemingly disappear at will I imagine they could kill anyone they wanted but it doesn’t appear to be so. Just because we sense imminent doom doesn’t mean they intend any harm.
    Maybe they are another intelligent type of Human, a Homo ignotus cupiens esse? That’s how my phone app translates “Man wanting to be unknown” into Latin which I think is still the accepted categorization language.

  • What kind of camera have got so perfect zoom, just like this film have got? Expensive ?

  • why are these bigfoots only mentioned in the USA and canada ? also since the 1920s hasn't anyone been able to catch one or even tried too ? We would like to finally put this a rest .

  • That’s a helluva zoom you’ve got on that camera!

  • Thank you for sharing your story it must had felt like a roller coaster ride all them emotions going on at one time oh boy howdy glad you two were ok

  • thanks for posting love these videos

  • In the woods, they are watching. We do not see them when we bone head people are wondering around enjoying nature and all. If they were aggressive and violent? We would not have a chance of a prayer. This is something that we people do not have any knowledge of and this is why this thing has been so mysterious throughout the ages. When In their home, ( THE WILDERNESS). Treat it with the upmost respect. When you are out there and get that feeling that you are being watched? (YOU REALLY ARE). CWA

  • At 32 seconds in right in the middle of the screen it looks like a figure standing there. It's probably part of the tree but…

  • I bet there were probably three or four Squatches just squattin' down & hidin' deep in the timber & bush – right here in this vid – while you are "scannin' the bay" with your camera. It would be cool to get a heat sensored military type cam…See everything with body heat

  • Jeff, have read your encounter with Big Foot. Happy Camp here in Northern Calif. is central for many Big Foot encounters. Indians are known to have seen Sasquatch. Locals have seen them and the town has many things idolizing the Big Foot. Check it out.

  • Of course it's massive! Are you really surprised??? Why??? It's an ape….like us…only bigger. 😆

  • Sass is an ape. They are being territorial. WTH… just give them space. It's their home you have invaded.

  • Question? Hi there I'm norm and I was wondering have you guys ever seen any up side down trees thank you.

  • Great Story Kelly thanks for bringing it forward
    👍👍from Ohio

  • my wife last august had one cross right in front of her as she came around a corner in the dark at 5:30 in the morning going to work, saw it in the headlights plain as day..it didnt even look her direction just straight ahead, arms swinging front to back, she said it took only about three briskly moving steps from one side of a two lane road to the other and it was going up the bank on the forth step next to her as she past..olympic peninsula ,washington

  • More and more sightings being reported. I am now a believer.

  • Beautiful area. Thanks for sharing! I am so ready to get outside but apparently winter decided to stay around a little longer. Maybe going to go camping this weekend if the snow stays away!

  • I LOVE your camera reach. Amazing! I also like it that you take your time to focus and don't pan around at a swift pace.

  • Good stuff 👣👍🏻👣😎

  • Sasquatch is not an ape, it is human, it is what we use to be before our dna was altered by the anunaki

  • Your videography and editing are excellent. Thank you for stabilizing your long shots.

  • Welcome to the club I've seen them hand full of times from age 9 to present age 44

  • That's always been the situation with witnesses. Videos or even just relating the story come from people who are terrified. Scared silly. As anyone would be.

  • One of these days yall gonna run into one and it's not going to be good

  • 10mm is a good choice for trail carry

  • I was wondering if you smelled anything, I heard they could have a very strong odor ?

  • Presumably as the sasquatch migrate back to these summer feeding areas looking for food, sightings will increase ? Please map the sightings and estimate their southernly routes ?

  • Sure there were more than one? I am sure it knew you had a sidearm. So it let you go?

  • It's a bottomless rabbit hole with more questions than answers. 🌲👣👣👣🌲

  • Happy Resurrection Day '⬆️R.M.S.O. Great report

  • Happy Easter Sunday to all

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