Hiking ALONE Overnight on a Mountain Trail

Big thank you to Tropic Feel for sponsoring this week’s video! Tropic Feel recently approached me and asked me to go on an adventure of my choosing as part of their #SayYes campaign – something that makes me feel alive and that you guys could try for yourselves, too! Having tested it out for a couple of months, I absolutely love their Shell backpack – it’s perfect for everyday use, and does a great job on a short overnight hike, too. 🙂

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In this adventure, I take on the Premužićeva staza, or the Premuzic Trail, said to be one of the most beautiful trails in the Balkans. It’s an overnight hike where I got to stay at a cozy mountain hut, experience 40KM+ of EPIC beauty far from the tourist crowds, and test my navigation skills. Oh – and the ending is pretty awesome too 🤭😉

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