Hiking and Foraging around Ash Lake

My intent when I started out on my hike was to explore a new hard to get to area. I ended up not being able to check that area out but I did find a number of plants that made the hike worthwhile

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  • I see you carrying a haversack today. I always wondered about that name. I figured it may have been something like, “Well – I carry a lot of stuff in there. And if I want something, I just reach in – and BY GOLLY! I usually have’er!”

  • What end of ash lake was that spot on I was thinking about hiking out

  • Hello and greetings from New Zealand. I have watched many hours of your content, and I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your presentation style and the detailed descriptions you give when doing product reviews. I bought a similar stove to the one shown in this video (not a Lixada branded one – but it looks exactly the same) in part due to your other extensive reviews of said product. I have not used it yet, but I think it will be exactly right for my needs compared to several others that I had previously considered purchasing. Anyways, thank you for your excellent YouTube content and best wishes to you.

  • Black Rifle Coffee company / black powder, is the best instant coffee I have found its good stuff

  • Love your videos. You have a wealth of information to share!

  • A very enjoyable and relaxing hike. Thank you for sharing this day with us.
    Perhaps you could share with us what you take for a summer hike 🚶vs a winter load out?

  • Great hike and info, thanks for taking us along with you!

  • Nice score with the chicken of the woods! I've only found it once since I've started getting into wild edibles, and it was clean, but pretty much past it's prime. I'm going to start dehydrating, then grinding up some of the older mushrooms I find, cuz I always seem to be a bit late.

  • Wonderful hike! I’ll have to make a point to come visit your neck of the wood one day. It looks absolutely beautiful.

  • I was thinking that your lunch sounded good until you said it was spicy.

  • Are you ever going to film a canoe trip?

  • I purchased some Labrador tea from an eBayer in Alaska. When I opened the package it had a bit of a mildew scent. Is it suppose to smell like that? I haven't yet tasted it. I would love to have a mushroom grilled called "chicken of the woods."

  • Nice hiking, and productive one that. Chicken mushroom is one of good medicinal sources from wild. Fresh chicken mushroom is quite tasty, just with drizzle of olive oil, sautéed or grilled. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mark, I purchased a very similar stove (almost the exact same (-) two crossbars vs 4 crossbars. It is called the Xmund XD-ST3. It is on Ebay, although I got mine at Banggood. It took what seemed like forever to arrive… I think 45 days or something of that sort. I see the same thing on Ebay… a long wait time. My stove works very good and I really like the small size of these stoves. I think the feed port is in a perfect location for these. You had a good sized pot on that stove… seemed stable enough. The only testing I did on the Xmund was using a Stanley Adventure Pot. I was thinking about picking up another stove for my adult son… I may go with the Lixada though. Looking forward to seeing your review of it.

  • Could you talk about your hiking staff a little. It's very interesting looking. Thanks.

  • Great & Very Productive trip this was, Mark; Going to give your meal a try, soon as I find it ! Glad the Coffee was palatable hah ! The underside of that Damp Shroom ya showed looked Just Like My buckwheat pancakes I so love to make from Grannies recipe ! Spoke with Lauren Last Evening & Placed my R.C.C. Order, & Also last week ordered my Dursten 12 oz. Kuksa, Betcha They'll go together Nicely ! Also Told Lauren How I Found them ! Thanks Friend & You & Mrs. Young Have A Safe & Wonderful Kougy Park Vacation, Maybe A Sneak Vid. will show up ? ATB T God Bless

  • Mark, thanks for sharing and bringing us along 👍

  • Great video! Somehow I missed your review of the “new Lixada” stove. It looks very similar to a stove I was considering (the Toaks titanium stove, primarily for weight savings but also because I was given an REI gift card and who couldn’t use another stove lol). I’m going to see your review.

  • Nice hike.  Having no familarity with mushrooms, I just steer clear of them.  Looked like a great place to pick up a brook trout or two.  Not sure I could have passed that up.  Not familiar with Seeds of Change.  Is it available locally?  Cheers.

  • Nice trip Mark, thanks for taking us along 👍🙂

  • Great looking day thanks for some of the wild tips I don't trust my self enough it pick wild mushrooms there is a few i pick puff balls are my go to that i know but out back of my father's there is tons of different mushrooms and some i have looked up but still afraid to eat them.

  • Nice foraging! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Cheers

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