HIKING BACKPACK Checklist – 10 ESSENTIAL ITEMS YOU NEED [Hiking Tips And Survival Skills]

In this hiking backpack checklist video, I list 10 essential items that you need to carry in your hiking backpack.

Having this backpacking gear with you whenever you go hiking, especially in the backcountry, is VERY important – whether it’s a short hike or a much longer hike.

So, If you’re planning to enjoy any outdoor adventure or activity, be sure to carry this outdoor gear in your Hiking Backpack AND KNOW HOW TO USE EACH ITEM.

⚠️ DON’T WAIT For A CRISIS… KNOW WHAT TO DO Before It Happens!

1️⃣ SEE these items for your Hiking Backpack or Survival Travel Backpack:
Flashlight HERE ➡️
Headlamp HERE ➡️
Fire Starter HERE ➡️
Waterproof Matches HERE ➡️
Orange Shelter HERE ➡️
Orange Sleeping Bag HERE ➡️
5-In-1 Survival Tool And Whistle HERE ➡️
Signaling Mirror HERE ➡️
Ration Packs HERE ➡️
Water Filtration Bottle HERE ➡️
Beanie HERE ➡️
Gloves HERE ➡️
Survival Tool Kit And Compass HERE ➡️
First Aid Kit HERE ➡️
Multitool HERE ➡️
Sunblock HERE ➡️
Sunglasses HERE ➡️
Sun Hat HERE ➡️
Sun Cap HERE ➡️

2️⃣ GET the survival gear I am wearing in this video:
T-shirt HERE ➡️
Hat HERE ➡️

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⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to take proper care and attention when practicing any activity related to survival. Be smart. Be careful. Be responsible. Be attentive. Take proper precautions. Use common sense at all times. And, ALWAYS seek professional medical advice where needed.

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Stay Safe!


0:00 Hiking Backpack Intro
0:07 Hiking Backpack Checklist
0:37 Item 1. Hiking Backpack Lighting
1:02 Item 2. Hiking Backpack Fire Starter
1:29 Item 3. Hiking Backpack Shelter
1:45 Item 4. Hiking Backpack Signaling Device
2:01 Item 5. Hiking Backpack Food And Water
2:31 Item 6. Hiking Backpack Extra Clothing
2:56 Item 7. Hiking Backpack Navigation And Communication Equipment
3:17 Item 8. Hiking Backpack First Aid Kit
3:36 Item 9. Hiking Backpack Sun Protection
4:15 Item 10. Hiking Backpack Multitool
4:27 Know How To Use Your Outdoor Gear
4:49 Be Prepared
5:03 More Survival And Backpacking Gear

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