Hiking Colorado – Maroon Bells Backpacking Trip & Hammock Camping

Join Mike & I on the Four Pass Loop for 3 days of hiking, backpacking & hammock camping. GPS data at

For this multi-part adventure, we’ll be faced with two challenges.
Phase 1 (seen in the prior Pt 1 video): Driving on a substantial time crunch from the east coast to Colorado, without any hotels or road food purchases. This will not only keep the budget low, but will also save us a ton of time by not having to check-in/out, be tempted to sleep in, decide where/what to eat, stand in lines etc. Sleeping will be done in the car (while the other person drives) and all meals will be comprised of cooler-stored left-overs and pre-purchased beverages. The only stops allowed: bathroom breaks and gas pumps.

Phase 2 (covered in this video, Pt 2) will be a multi-day hike of the Four Pass Loop, within the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness, located just outside of Aspen Colorado (about 3 hours west of Denver). We chose to do the loop in a counter-clockwise direction.

Trailhead Used: Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness Trailhead N39° 05.979′ W106° 56.260′

Full GPS track data and waypoints for various POI’s on this trip are available for download on the Trip Data Page.

Trails Used, Day 1 (in order)
Maroon Snowmass Trail
Camp near Snowmass Lake

Maroon Bells Day 1 Elevation Profile – Sintax77
Maroon Bells Day 1 Elevation Profile – Sintax77

Day 1 Mileage: 9 miles
Day 1 Gross Elevation Gain: 3,202′

Trails Used, Day 2 (in order)
Geneva Lake Trail
North Fork Cutoff Trail
North Fork Trail
West Maroon Pass Trail
Camp near West Maroon Pass Trail

Maroon Bells Day 2 Elevation Profile – Sintax77
Maroon Bells Day 2 Elevation Profile – Sintax77

Day 2 Mileage: 15 miles
Day 2 Gross Elevation Gain: 4,488′

Trails Used, Day 3 (in order)
West Maroon Pass Trail
Maroon Snowmass Trail
Return to vehicle at Maroon Snowmass Trailhead

Maroon Bells Day 3 Elevation Profile – Sintax77
Maroon Bells Day 3 Elevation Profile – Sintax77

Day 3 Mileage: 4.8
Day 3 Gross Elevation Gain: 305′

Mileage Grand Total for Trip: 28.8
Gross Elevation Gain Grand Total for Trip: 7,995′

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  • Skied Co many years ago and stay in Divide summer time. Drove up Pikes peak, those elevation will take your breath away
    A lot of East coaster get altitude sickness, no joke Two three days down in Denver, in a hospital.

  • That sure was a nice one! Day two was a killer though! I would have just pitched a tent anywhere or your guys case, just lay down the mats and use the tarps as a bivy and called it campsite, before dark. That was a long enough day as is.

  • God sure did make some incredible sights, did u guys bring bear spray or just guns?

  • This is so crazy! I'm from the east coast as well, and the idea of being able to see where you came from and see where you're finishing seems so weird and impossible to me. Crazy views, I'd love to go backpack out west 🙂

  • Always love your videos

  • That last morning view made me cry. Colorado rovers call that the West Maroon Pinnacles. Awesome spots in that valley!✌️🧡🕊️😁

  • To the guy complaining about the bear canisters : mike stop WHINING. They are there reasons for adhereing to the rules. There have been IDIOTS leaving their shit/Food/waste all over for increased bear activity year after year here….

  • BINGO. This is the video to which referred in another comment. Trekking in the West is like walking on a sidewalk with lots of easy-up switchbacks. The White Mountains are BRUTAL and even though I'm also from the same sea level (Kent County) as you, altitude doesn't really matter that much until you get up to about 15,000 feet. Now that we have that out of the way–THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO. I personally like trekking in the West better than the East because you can SEE something besides trees (and it's easier and more fun). Except Grayson Highlands, Virginia which is PERFECT (I saw your video of that too) with the ponies and long-horn cattle roaming freely. Speaking of the South, have you done Mt. Mitchell? It's not as challenging as Mt. Washington, but it is a day's work. Thank you for all your great videos.

  • Really enjoyed your video, thanks.

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  • Oh I sooooo want to do another trip to big mountains somewhere.  No picture or video puts the size of mountains into perspective.  Beautiful.

  • You guysguys eat so good on these trips! Well done I’m hungry

  • The highest peak in Colorado is under 15,000 ft so I’d you started at 10 you can’t gain 8

  • We just got back from horseback riding a section of Four-pass Loop! We rode up to Buckskin Pass and Trail Rider Pass from Snowmass Creek Trail and had a great time! (These are all equestrian-approved trails) Remember where you pointed out hoof prints in your video near Trail Rider Pass? As you suggested, that was very tricky to do with horses! We needed to get off the horses and lead them through that slide. We got through safely going each way on that section. Thanks for all of your youtube videos– they are very informative and entertaining!

  • So tell me I’m going tomorrow to hike either the continental divide loop or this hike what would be more exciting? seems like there’s more water on the divide!

  • How difficult was the loop? Scale of 1-10 (10 being very difficult)?

  • Bear canister or ursack..??? I heard ursack is approved by the committee. Ranger has been giving a thumbs up… just that their website said only hard sided canister.

  • My sister lives close to Lancaster PA

  • I'm going here in late July ! Never been before and I'm very excited. Is that a good time to go? Also, I'm really nervous about being able to find spots for camping…

  • Loved your Colorado c d t hike. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing

  • I just love the camera noise at 23:08

  • So, just to make it clear, there is no comparison between the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the White "Mountains" of New Hampshire. Been to both and while New Hampshire is gorgeous, especially in the fall, people don't save up their hard-earned cash to go to New Hampshire over Colorado. Just check the tourist stats for both. Great job on the hike; you guys did excellent! Go to the San Juan Mountains or the Sangre DeCristo Mountains next time. You can't go wrong.

  • I did this hike and it was great
    Luckily there was no deep crossing

  • Awesome vid man. People always talking about how over crowded this loop is now days but it didn't seem too bad when you and Mike were there over the popular labor day weekend.

  • I was camping at Snowmass Lake when a rock slide occurred.

  • Thanks guys so much for this video! My husband and son (62 years and 26 years old…your neighbors in Lancaster, Pa!) just returned home from completing the loop counter clockwise…and I could follow their trip with your video! Excellent!

  • I watch all your videos and have no idea how I mist this one.

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