Hiking First Aid Kit Basics

This is a look at the custom First Aid Kit that I take hiking with me into the mountains. This is an evolving kit, so by no means is it complete or perfect. The main injuries my kit will cover include what I consider to be the most common; cuts, scrapes, sprains/strains, and Bites (Snake or insects). I am by no means an expert, but I do have training in First Aid and CPR. I find it necessary to customize your own kit and make it specific to your area and needs. For me, a snake bite kit is a necessity. There are many venomous snakes in my area. I also keep a staple of Gauze, Dressing, and bandages. These can serve as multifunctions as you can compress the dressing on several open wounds. Tape is important to hold the Dressing in place. If you do not have tape, then string or cordage can work (although not as well). Various Bandaids are also a necessity for those smaller cuts and scrapes. Tweezers, painkillers, Tums, Sterile Gloves, Insect Sting Relief, and Disinfectant wipes are all also useful in a first aid kit. I also keep a general First Aid and CPR manual to reference anything that I may have forgotten. This is important, as most of us do not practice or first aid or CPR skills in our everyday lives. This video is not meant to be a standard for someone to develop their own kit. It is meant to be a starter guide and a look into what I specifically carry. Please use your own judgement and do complete research when developing a klit to fit your own needs. I CANNOT stress that point enough. It could be critical to your health and survival. A wise state of mind will help prevent injuries, so that is the most important item in any First Aid Kit.

As always, thanks for watching, be safe, and Peace!

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