Hiking Food ideas for Long Distance Backpacking

Hiking food ideas for a 5 day long distance snow camping trip. Planning your food for a backpacking trek can be a very technical subject. You need to make sure that you are carrying enough but not too much. Carrying too much is usually more annoying than not having enough 🙂 If you have too much food in your backpack it’ll be uncomfortably heavy. With a heavier pack it’ll be too hard to move, you may find yourself spending less time actually hiking and more time just sitting and eating. LOL

I know from my own experience and from observing other hikers that lots of people will immediately hit the fast food outlets after a long trip and begin to binge eat. This is a sign that they have failed to properly consider their nutritional requirements. Ultra-light trail food often lacks enough protein and fat. I highly recommend using whey protein on long hikes. Also nuts, chocolate, cheese and salami are good fat sources for overnight trail food. Dried fruits and confectionery sweets are a good sugar source for trail food.

Many dietitians recommend that an average size man weighing 75kg should consume about 270gm of high carbohydrate foods and 75gms of fat per day. If doing intense exercise like long distance hiking these figures will of course be higher. Between the meat, nuts and whey I personally aim to have about 150gm of protein per day.

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