Hiking Gear Overview and Life after Game Changers

Quick video about hiking gear… and one last time with the Slow Cooker.

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  • C S

    If you cut out everything BUT meat only then will you learn the true power of the human body. You should look up other mountaineers who took only pemmican on expeditions.

  • Yea,…that movie was all bullshit. Don't give up meat for that crap….

  • So true about all waterproof-breathable fabrics: they eventually fail, and even more commonly, they stop breathing and your own sweat and condensation makes you wet. That being said, there are better and worse fabrics, and goretex pro is among the better ones. In a downpour, it will last even 2 hours before it fails.

  • Keep eating meat ! Countless times I wanted to comment on how happy I was that you weren't a dirty preachy vegan.

  • Meat is just condensed vegetables

  • Forest, I know that documentary “The Game Changer”. I’m a vegan/vegetarian fitness enthusiast. I rely on Greek yogurt as my protein. The rest, I cut it out so NO meats. First of all, that documentary is a bit extreme. Don’t let it scare you 😂. There r many meat substitute options. There are chicken tofu based. You can grill them before glaze it with teriyaki sauce. It’s really delicious! Also when u prepare a salad, add quinoa roasted crushed almonds or pumpkin seeds. You can also add garbanzo beans with 🥑. Endless possibilities. With your cooking talents, I know you will customize a perfect vegetarian dish once a week / 2x a month. Baby step Forest. I lift heavy & run. I have higher metabolism. NO meat diet works for me! I know it can for u too! Baby step for now 👍😂 You will know the differ in a month once you switched! You will move faster & think clearly. I have not eaten meat for 9 yrs now

  • I see you made a starter, when did you cook the nain course? 🤣

  • Meat is species appropriate. Just saying.🥩🥓🍗🍖 😋 Just because it is written is spoken does not make it so. There are zero essential carbohydrates. Amino acids are essentials. (Goes for my comment, too.)

  • A plant based diet is probably fairly healthy, but I'm a true believer that humans are not vegetarians. Our teeth prove we are omnivores. So yes, eating lot s of veggies is good, but cutting out meat? I'm not so sure. There are amino acids in meat that can't be gotten anywhere else but maybe a pill. Veggie meals are yummy, there is no doubt, but we need some meat in our diets, and "man" has been eating meat forever. Try some Lentil Soup with lots of sliced carrots, celery and lots of garlic. Use stock instead of water to make it better and if you want to make it non vegetarian, add some smoked kielbasa or a ham bone with some meat on it. Really enjoy listening to your review about gear. No nonsense.

  • About 30 yrs ago I read a study of the Bushmen and Aboriginal people regarding their diet and it still seems reasonable to me; 80% plant material and 20% meat. The assumption was that these people lived closest to the way we lived 70k ago (something like that). For the Bushmen is worked out that the women obtained most of the plant material and 5% of the meat protein (trapping, fishing etc). Just a thought.

  • Yes, cutting meat out has made a world of difference for me. Also, if you need energy boost, double up on the B's, especially B12 & 6

    btw – Why are people not allowed to fly drones in national parks/forests? thx

  • Merrell are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever owned, not a fan.

  • For 350,000 years homo sapien sapien hunter gatherers ate a meat and fish based diet. Our bodies have evolved to run on meat and fish.

  • ahhh the episode when Foresty went vegan for a day…

  • I hope you have done some research on game changers….. I'm a NASM CPT and have been working with athletes of all kinds since 1996. I always test and research anything diet related and… well…. It's not science, what was presented, it's a moral argument.
    JRE's Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser address all the claims in the movie:

    "This is a very slick, well-done film, and it has the potential to mislead a lot of people. But it’s full of misleading statements, half-truths, flat-out falsehoods, flawed logic, and absurdities. I found problems with a number of claims made in the movie, including:

    The gorilla analogy

    The idea that peanut butter has as much protein as beef or eggs

    The gladiator diet

    The impact of protein on strength and health

    Where B12 comes from

    These are examples of some very misleading and disingenuous uses of science. For instance, you would have to eat almost one-third of a cup of peanut butter to equal the protein in 3 oz of beef or three eggs; stories about gladiators’ diets ignore important details like the fact that they were being fed the cheapest possible slave diet and had a life expectancy of about two years; and it isn’t easy to consume the amount of amino acids you need for strength and muscle mass when you’re eating only plants—unless you include ultra-processed protein powders in your diet."

    I love your videos, I would like to see you healthy and continuing to do what you love for years to come with out succumbing to an injury do to a lack of species appropriate nutrition.

  • Yea, that Mexican rice recipe is pretty awesome

  • I picked up some Atlas guide level snowshoes at the end of season years ago and they are incredible.

  • If you liked game changers you should check out forks over knives and what the health on Netflix.

  • Jay

    Game changers is vegan propaganda, please don't listen, meat is healthy. It's all the things around the meat that are unhealthy like processed carbohydrates and bad oils. Look up Joe rogan's debunk of the vegan diet

  • Suburban is the way to go, or a ford excursion if you can find one. Check public auctions, the Canadian military used to used excursions and you can sometimes find one at auction. Those things are beasts, will get you down any FSR!

  • Nah I’d go with sour cream

  • U should hunt and eat wild meat 🥩

  • Serious question…how do u make $$ to support your self ?fuel food insurance,ect..

  • Don’t accept every study that you see, as gospel. You live an extreme life as far as how much you push your body, and meat gives protein in a form that you, especially, may well need.

  • Anti-fog trick
    Coat and clean sunglasses with shaving cream
    Repeat a second times

    Works well for car and mirrors windows

  • If you need meal ideas try super cook app.
    Enter all your ingredients and pick your meal. Hope this helps .stay safe

  • As usual, more crockpot theories.

  • why not get rid of the back part of the driver seat?

  • Come on Ford! Give him a 2020 Transit cargo van!

  • I went vegan for two years, couldn't get enough iron into my blood on this diet, i'm back to eating meat, but not as much.

  • K N

    I can’t leave the house without checking the stove 14 times that it is, actually, off…

  • Cut protein and fat out you diet and you'll have energy. LOL sounds like an anemic vegan.

  • No need to see meat as a treat. Protein and fat are an essential part of human diet. If you want to be a vegan for ethical reasons, cool, but don’t worry about it health wise

  • The funny thing is that all the health benefits you mentioned have also been attributed to an All meat diet. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

  • Jon

    This meal was bang on perfect nutrition. I feel meat may not be the main culprit, it is not enough complex carbs, the driving force behind your hikes. Here you have turnip and parsnip, both super hardy and packed with nutrition, fiber and long lasting energy (they take long time to cook). I bet this made you feel quite lively, I could eat this everyday, with a little meat. The previous video, you looked starving eating your royally delicious looking deep dish pizza, though it was all purpose flour/pepperoni and not ideally what you needed to recover and rest with. We need a careful balance of good carbs/protein/fats/nucleic acids, they all work in unison, one cannot replace the other. Meat/fish is great, and all veggies are great, but it's those starchy roots and tubers and the whole wheat that really have that long lasting energy and fiber that will benefit you the next day

  • Foresty – put a towel over your slow cooker and you'll save energy and things will cook faster too.

  • Hope you're having some benefits from a better diet. I surely have. It's been five years now and I feel fantastic. Keep in mind that common whole food sources of protien are beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils. Spice them up and enjoy. Plus, all vegetables also have protiens, too.

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