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❱❱❱ NOTE: After researching what the worst water is, I found this…

“Total dissolved solids (TDS) is measured as a volume of water with the unit milligrams per liter (mg/L), otherwise known as parts per million (ppm). According to the EPA secondary drinking water regulations, 500 ppm is the recommended maximum amount of TDS for your drinking water. “

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  • This video was seriously and surprisingly original. This video was full of content and has a superior review.

    Have you use a hydroblu water filter? The flow rate is usually faster than a Sawyer.

    Anyway, I subscribed and wait to see more videos.

  • Nice test. I am in the UK and just bought one, primarily for using water out of my garden water butts, should the mains water go off and also for taking hiking, so I (we) don't have to carry as much water as I normally do , as we go with myself, wife and 3 grandchildren, hiking up the local hills and valleys for a full days walking.
    As today (22/2/22) (2/22/22) we are currently looking at a war situation here in Europe over Ukraine, I thought it prudent to have several alternate water filters, as I fear a malicious cyber strike on our power grid and our mains water is pumped electrically from the pumping station, so my water butts, local river, etc will come into play, if needed and the waterdrop package will do nicely, as it can hang over the bath from the shower head fitting so avoiding any leakage/water drips onto floors and any leaks/water drips can go straight down the bath drain.

  • Just subscribed thanks for the information.

  • You should really prime the filter with clean water at home before using it. Worried about what you swallowed.

  • It tends to go faster if you do not close off the top of the bag when hanging, or seal off the container that you filter to.
    This one looks pretty quick though. Sealed unit to sealed unit often presents a vacuum pressure issue.
    I always carry chlorine dioxide (ie: aquamira) to kill any virus or whatever may make it through.
    Odd tastes are common on first use, especially where a carbon stage is present, some carbon makes it through on the first run or two.

  • Sorry but you seem to not ubder stand what THD is. It does not tell you anything about bacteria or virus.

  • Just noticed the seven thumbs down. WTF…LOL Its gear review. Too funny.

  • I think the reason you got identical readings on your meter is because it measures water hardness/softness. In the aquarium world we use a TDS meter if we are tweaking water chem to taylor it to a specific fish.
    In this instance 45ppm is total dissolved solids, doesn't indicate whether those solids are friend or foe.😉👍

  • I was eyeing this Waterdrop bag to use with my Sawyer Squeeze. Thanks for the review! The bag by itself is available on Amazon now for about $17, so I think I'm going to go that route.

  • love mine and you helped decide that keep it up

  • I bought this one too, also just for the bag lol.
    The brand name bags are far too expensive and with this one I can just attach any filter I want!
    Thanks for reviewing the filter so I didn't have to Guinea pig myself lol

  • I’m confused snow hi hi you’re talking about. We’re you saying that the waterdrip had a higher ppm than the River water or was it the sawyer?
    And we’re you saying the water drip is a great value or that the Sawyer is a great value?

  • I'm not sure abt your Waterdrop but the mouthpiece DOES come off and in fact is MUCH better that the sawyer. Sawyer has had too many fails n is too slow for me, so far no issue w Waterdrop and i found it's easy to backwash. Maybe you have an older version but recheck cuz the mouthpiece should screw off. Thanks for the review, peace ✌ .

  • Well done. May I suggest a pop filter on your desk microphone. Just a little enhancement to the narrative portion.

  • Could this be used as a cocktail drip at my desk for late night star citizen binges?

  • FYI The mouth piece will unscrew so you can screw on a standard plastic bottle fill up and you use the standard plastic bottle to back flush it also.

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