Hiking In Heavy Rain & Flooded Water Crossings.

Heavy rain and flooded water crossings made for an interesting hike back to the car. However the tent performed well during the night and I had still had a great solo wild camp. Just a little bit wet.

Never underestimate the danger associated with stream & river crossings. It is always better to turn around than risk a dangerous crossing.

Advice on river crossing in the great outdoors:

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Filming – ‘GoPro Hero 7 Black’
UK –

Photography – ‘Sony A6400’
UK –

Photography – ‘Sigma 16mm F1.4 Lens’
UK –

Audio Capture – ‘Sony ICD UX560 Audio Recorder’
UK –

Audio Capture – ‘Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Mic’
UK –

Audio Capture – ‘Rode Video Micro’
UK –

Tent – ‘MSR Access 1’
UK –

Rucksack – ‘Gregory Optic 58’
UK –

Sleeping Mat – ‘Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Large’
UK –

Sleeping Bag (Summer) – ‘Vango Venom 400’
UK –

Clothing – ‘Abisko Trekking Tights’
UK –

Footwear – ‘Salomon X Ultra Trek GTX’
UK –

Footwear – ‘Altra Lone Peak 4’
UK –


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  • Trying my new 'Altra Lone Peak 4.0' trail running shoes on different types of terrian over a fairly steep and long hike.

  • Sure was an adventure, showing how it is .

  • G'day from Queensland Australia.
    I thought the map presentattion was exellent. Can you please explan how you did that footage with the pin drops showing the way you came up the ridge, please as I would like to do that in my vlogs when i get started.
    Thank you.

  • super video….thanks…

  • Great video , very interesting , glad the tent worked out ok .

  • Super trek πŸ™‚ how do you do the drawing of the route with the miles etc as that looks great? is it an app?

  • The whole trip looked brutal from start to finish! It's easy to see how things could go bad in weather like that & in such a remote area if you hadn't the navigation skills or proper kit for the job at hand..I think you headed out of the glen at the right time in the morning as you say even though personally I'd not of fancied getting out the tent in that weather 😁 because having to retrace your steps back over the Munro would of been not only physically draining but mentally too..top vlog as always πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Another great video , what did u do the mapping on very impressive. I'm struggling with plantrr facitis , shoes can be a nightmare and insoles, I'm just stretching all the time, on a hike tommrow kinder scout

  • Fantastic Ray, at least the deluge kicked off on the way back & not on the way up! That rain was brutal & I'll bet it was tough pulling yourself out of the tent! Congrats on completing your Munros in the region πŸ™‚

  • Hi that's want used the Altra 4s for my 66km this July 2020,hike. i too felt they was slipping all over the place they have a new one out know 4.5s which are a lot more stronger in the knee so waiting to get a pair when i see them on sale,But do have the Altras 3 mids with a neoshell body love them wish i brought two pairs hard to get know we never learn lol great video want tent was you using then

  • The Wechsel Exogen 1 performed like crap , yet you made excuses for it. It's not an inexpensive tent either.
    It's funny: if that had been an MSR tent and it had leaked one-quarter as bad as that tent, there would have been howls and groans of disapproval from you and the comment section. For some reason, people demand utter perfection from MSR while cutting other brands plenty of slack.

  • Excellent video especially loved the 3D. Given my last walk and following suggestions in my getting some trail runner's, you've given me food for thought. Thanks for sharing it's refreshing to hear a genuine review of some kit and actually see it being put through its paces. Big thumbs up from me πŸ‘ ATB Dave πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ aka wackyswanderings

  • +Renegade Scot,
    Thought I’d shout you out as yo have Ribz Pouches. Bought from eBay international. $80 and included ribz pouch, thermolite reactor extreme, various bits.UK prices for the lot? Β£160
    USA eBay? $80 and 30$ import!
    Crazy bargains

  • Just came across your site Ray, great job thanks for sharing.
    Any updates on Lone Peak 4.0 as im considering to buy a pair?
    Thanks again!

  • Another great video. Do you mind me asking what Rab jacket were you wearing as I've been looking for one to cope in the rain. Thanks ATB.

  • Wonderful stuff. But what was that wet stuff that fell from the sky ? Here in the west of France it's as dry as the Sahara & doesn't look like it's ever going to rain again.

  • An interesting video, I love it up Glen Ey,(pronounced "A"), I've never been up the route you took to the top of Carn Bhac, rather you than me, the actual glen doesn't go much farther up than the lodge you camped at, which is reputedly haunted.Well done for braving the weather too,last time I was up that far it was absolutely boiling hot, keep up the good work.

  • You certainly put all your gear through it’s pacers anything that could handle that must be pretty good! Great video

  • Crikey – a wee bit wild ! Bet your glad there was a bridge to cross that river !! Another grand video Ray πŸ‘

  • Long-term user of zero-drop trail shoes here.

    First, you really should transition more gently when you move to a zero drop shoe – not ideal to start with a long, tough hike. You're working some different muscles, as you've discovered, and most people would start with short day-walks or training runs for a few weeks to build them up. That will be why your feet felt tired.

    Second, I agree that the Lone Peaks are a bit sloppy when you're traversing a slope. I have broad feet, which is why I'm trying them, so if I get the lacing right they're acceptable. But if your feet are narrow they may not be the right choice. As you say, they're very popular on the PCT but that's a well graded trail. For trips shorter than a week or two I would normally use something with less padding, like the VivoBarefoot Primus SG as I enjoy the feeling of being in contact with the ground. But for long walks most people would be better with something more protective as the bruising does start to build up. The next shoe I'm going to test for thru-hiking is the Inov-8 Terraultra G 260, which offers similar padding to the Altras but may fit a bit better for traversing. It costs more but should last much longer.

    Finally, in my experience wearing Goretex socks in the summer is futile – water gets in from the top and they don't drain well. You simply have to change your attitude and accept that your feet will get wet. I use a thin lining sock that dries in minutes, and seem to be one of these fortunate people that was born with feet that don't leak πŸ™‚ Once you get used to the sensation it's not unpleasant, and it's liberating to simply walk through bogs and burns without a second thought. On multi-day walks in the wet I'll apply nappy cream to protect the skin a bit. I also use trail shoes in cold winter conditions, and they're fine in dry snow, even in a blizzard. The only issue is terrain where you're continually wading through freezing bog. Then I use a vapour barrier like a neoprene sock or simply a plastic bag between an inner and outer lining sock. This doesn't keep your feet dry, but it does trap the heat and prevent your feet going numb.

  • Enjoyable vlog as always. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Tough overnighter but good stuff πŸ‘

  • Wetter than an otters pocket.

  • I just love the sound of the rain on the tent. Not such a fan of it coming through though! Did you manage to find out how it got in? Another great video. Cheers! πŸ‘

  • I love the 3D trace .. excellent. Your a tough one .. lol

  • Great video again Ray. It's always great to get out into nature even when the weather is pants. It beats sitting in the house !

  • Really liked the animation in this video that plotted out your route. A nice touch.

  • great vid. Thats was a proper tent review

  • Love Glen Ey and on the shoe front, I think they were slipping because of the goretex socks, try a pair of low liner socks over the goretex socks.

  • Wow, I have not endured them conditions for sometime, Well done, for obtaining another great & informative Video.

  • That was some yomp Ray, great to watch from the warm dry room I am in. Great stuff.

  • Used Altra lone peak on my South Downs Way walk. Comfy right out of the box. Great on long dry walks but im not sure if im going to take them on my attempt on the West Highland Way in October.

  • Nice bit of weather you had in this one Ray:)

  • I have the RSM boot version (rain, snow, mud) which are waterproof and very comfy. The zero drop took some time for the calf muscles to adapt to and I found no side way slippage as you did, possible if you have a narrow forefoot I guess. Great test of kit and the delta pegs are a must.

  • +Renegade Scot,
    Interesting views and comments.
    As for shoes? Blimey you're brave!! As for me, it has to be Lowa Renegades. The name I kid you NOT!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ They're brilliant boots, totally comfortable, fit well with gaiters and also if needed, snow shoes too.
    Great boots and Lowas' now issues as standard issue to the British Army.
    Great video.

  • Great filming Ray in testing conditions … it's not lost on me that the shots of you walking away from the camera crossing water etc has a down side for you … going back for the camera ! Another great vlog Sir πŸ‘πŸ»

  • And that's why I didn't drive all the way up there , that rain was with us Friday morning here and the thought of cycling in and trying to find you was a bridge too far πŸ˜‰ thought the tent did well tbh, do you think with about 100 percent humidity the water was probably just condensing on the poles and end hubs then shaking off into inner, I think it did well on a tough night. Liked the viewranger animations, really gives you handle on where you trekked, great stuff A

  • I use Altra Lone Peak shoes for most of my treks here in California (left Scotland in β€˜79). They are a zero drop shoe (heel and toe are at the same height). Those take some getting used to, but the idea is that it trains your foot and ankle muscles so that those muscles keep you stable rather than the structure of the shoe. I’ve used zero drop shoes for running and hiking for 10 years and they’ve reduced my overuse injury level. However it’s not something that you can just try out once. If your feet are used to more stable footwear, yes, they will slide around when on a traverse. Also I don’t recommend scrambling up rock with them – the soles are too soft and isolated from your foot. But for lots of miles on rocky paths they’re great. I’ve used them on many multi-day backpack trips, not needing extra shoes for water crossings or in camp. Definitely not waterproof, but they dry out quickly given some sun – not that you had much of that!
    Enjoying your vlogs but not missing the weather!

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