Hiking in Switzerland | Col de la Brinta via Crêt du Midi | Swiss Alps Canton Valais | 2020 (4K)

Breathtaking view over the Swiss Alps as we hiked from Crêt du Midi up to Col de la Brinta. Starting at Vercorin we took the gondola up to Crêt du Midi mountain station. There we followed a steep path all the way up to La Brinta. A very challenging alpine trail led us around the summit of La Brinta. We followed the long ridge to Col de la Brinta and finally to the highest point of our hike at Sex de la Brinta. During the entire hike we had a stunning view over the Valais Alps including the famous Matterhorn and the Dom mountain. After lunch break we returned to Col de la Brinta for our descent to the Alp de Tsartsey and further to the high plateau of l’Ar du Tsan. On this plateau the river Rèche created a wonderful moor and on exiting the plain at le Pichiot it turns into a beautiful waterfall. From there we headed back to the Crêt du Midi mountain station where we took the gondola down to Vercorin.

Tour itinerary
After a short gondola ride from Vercorin the tour starts at the Crêt du Midi mountain station (2332m). From there a steep alpine trail climbs up to La Brinta (2659). The way around the summit is very challenging and requires good hiking skills. Soon after we reach Col de la Brinta (2600m) where the path diverts down into the valley. We continue walking on the ridge and arrive at the highest point at Sex de la Brinta (2693m). We return via the same path to Col de la Brinta and descend to the Alp de Tsartsey (2230m). From there we continue to the high plateau of l’Ar du Tsan (2183m) and the waterfall at le Pichioc (2182m). Finally we return to Crêt du Midi mountain station and take the gondola back down to Vercorin.

Tour date: September 13, 2020
Distance: 11,3 km
Duration: 4h 20min
Elevation: 751m up/down 751m
Difficulty: medium

Links to hiking website and map

Tour description (similar tour but without La Brinta)


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