Hiking in Washington cougar country

Cougars are an important and essential part of Washington’s ecosystem, and their habitat can overlap in areas where we live and recreate.

Check out Rich’s safety tips on hiking in cougar country. #WildWashington

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  • I carry a alarm with me when I walk my dogs living in cougar country I always have my dogs on leash I always scure trash at night and I avoid going outside at dawn dusk and twilight

  • A few years ago, I was trail riding in a forested, rocky canyon…by myself.
    It was early spring and the trail was wide…no leaves or brush, just soft dirt. I always track ahead of me looking for prints, but, because it was so early, no horses had been on the trail.
    I rode about an hour out then turned back.
    As I was riding back, I could see the prints of a cougar…it had followed me the whole time.

  • It’s good to remember that it also works on your mucus membranes also…

  • Historically whistles have been signal devices. If I hear a whistle, my first thought is someone is trying to call for help. I understand letting animals know you're traveling through the area, but I question whether whistles are the right tool. Thoughts?

  • Nice. Used to teach this kind of stuff to kids at camp Waskowitz up by North Bend. Saw a few black bear hiking the kids up to the fire tower, luckily they were on the other side a clearing where ome alders that had been felled. Probably looking for grubs in the rotting trees.

    Great information. I got my fish and wildlife stickers I emailed about, greatly appreciated, and I'll write back a thank you letter to the biologist in Spokane that was kind enough to send me some.

  • I love the videos that WDFW put out, but why have the music audio over top the guy talking? Just my opinion.

  • I love the Forrest. Wish the numbers were more accurate on mountain lion attacks. But heck if people knew I bet no one would go camping. And God forbid that lone hiker that might have been drinking. Happened to me. Darn thing jumped on my back knocking me down. But it was kinda dumb because it was biting the backpack at first. Needed to squish the darn thing for it to let go. Tell you what. Sobered me up quicker then anything. But the truth of the matter they are predators. They either lost the fear of humans or they just don't care. Because if they think they can get away with it they will attack you. The only option is fighting or making such a threat they think they will get hurt. But even then they just go out of view and follow you. Just waiting. Kids are screwed if they get alone or out of view of others and I bet that's what's taking all these missing people.

  • THANK you WDFW for recording this video!! These are points I've explained to my 7 and 5 year year olds. Now I have a 'ranger' to explain it to them. They are MASSIVELY involved in the outdoor jurisdiction, and I LOVE this small production! Thanks to everyone involved. These videos make a BIG difference today with kids that enjoy media.

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