Hiking Lightning Safety | How to Survive a Thunderstorm in Colorado, the Sierras, or Any Other Trail

Let’s be real, the best hiking trails are all above tree line (sorry-not-sorry). However, that means facing dangerous afternoon thunderstorms, particularly when hiking in the Colorado rockies.

To make sure that you know how to survive a thunderstorm in Colorado, the Sierras, or anywhere else you choose to hike, backpack, or peak bag it is a good idea to review the hiking lightning safety tips discussed in this video! I go over how to avoid thunderstorms, when to bail, what to do if caught in a storm, and what to do if struck by lightning. You even get some bonus tips for how to keep your dogs safe, which you wont find anywhere else!

National Weather Service Colorado Lightning Statistics:

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  • This is the best video I’ve found on the subject! Very straight to the point and easy to follow! We recently were hiking over a pass in the Sierra and a lightening storm came in, the next day a man died in the sierras after hunkering down under a tree. I decided I needed more clear information after that! Thank you!

  • Great info, thanks! I had to sleep in a hollowed out tree (tarp over top) with a bunch of 8 year old YWCA campers when I was a camp counsellor in my teens, and when we got caught in a thunder storm out on a long overnight hike. I remember being really glad we weren't hit by lightening because jamming 10 little girls and two teen leaders inside a giant old growth forest hollowed out trunk with a tarp on top was exciting enough!

  • What's your craziest lightning story?

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