HIKING TAIWAN – Great day hike if you're ever in Taipei – CAOLING OLD TRAIL (草嶺古道) (有中文CC)

The Caoling Old Trail (草嶺古道) is an historic path that leads from the Taipei area beach town of Fulong over the hills to Dali in Yilan County. Join Richard and Hugo as they take a stroll on this picturesque route, taking in stunning views of Turtle Island and the Yilan coast along the way. Then end the day with a classic Taiwanese meal! A must-do activity if you ever have a day to kill in Taipei.

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The Trail
There are so many options for this trail that there really is no excuse not to do it.
You can start from either end (Fulong or Dali) and there is nothing difficult about it whatsoever.
From the Fulong side it is a gradual slope up to the pass at around 350m above sea level.
Start at the Dali side and you will hit the steep section first.
On a sunny day you will need to take a hat or sunscreen as large sections of the hike have no shade.
Finish the hike off with a lunch box and a cooling dip in the ocean at Fulong!

Travel Logistics
Getting to the trailhead at either end is simple. Most east coast train services running from Taipei stop at Fulong (福隆), although you will need to catch a local or commuter service to get to and from Dali (大里). Train information can be found here (
To save time and a few kilometres you can catch a taxi from Fulong Station to the trailhead. This will cost around US$5.
If you are driving there is a car park at the trailhead on the Fulong side. Fulong is around an hour from Taipei.

There are currently no known restrictions on the use of drones in the Fulong or Dali area. A useful reference tool and map on drone restrictions in Taiwan can be found here (

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