Hiking the AT route 183 to 501 with the PA Timber Ghost

Hiking the Appalachian trail beautiful fall colors, route 183 to 501 with the PA Timber Ghost.

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  • I took another look on my Garmin maps, for this section of the AT. There are eight sections of the trail that were moved creating a longer and tougher trail. Sections were moved from flat areas and rerouted over boulder fields. Lots of rocks on the trail, angle snappers, rolling rocks, tiny rocks, big rocks all types. Be careful walking the boulder fields, see you out there.

  • A beautiful time of the year to be hiking the AT. This section took a little longer than expected. It was a total of twelve miles total. Many of sections of this trail were rerouted making the trail longer. At least eight sections were rerouted according to Garmin's map of the AT and actual path I walked. The Garmin Explorer marks tracking points every ten minutes calculating distance and speed traveled. If you use map share your friends and family can the path and location of your trip. Nice over looks from the high points along the way.

  • Did you run into any sobo A.T. hikers on this trip?

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