HIKING THE GRAND CANYON RIM TO RIM TO RIM | From North Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Trail and Back

Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim-To-Rim // Did you know that out of the 5 million people who visit the Grand Canyon each year, less than 1% of those visitors hike down into the canyon, below the rim?

The Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim Hike is a 25-mile hike that spans across the Grand Canyon from the North Rim, down to the Colorado River and then back up to the South Rim. Leaving from the North Kaibab Trail on the North Rim, the trail descends 14.3 miles and 6,000 feet to the bottom of the canyon, crossing over the Colorado River as it connects with the Bright Angel Trail. From here, the trail climbs up 4,500 feet in 9.6 miles, heading up to the South Rim.

This year marked my fourth time hiking the Grand Canyon and my third time hiking it Rim-To-Rim-To-Rim. 50 miles in two days, Hands down, this is my favorite hike EVER.

Filmed: Friday, October 8th through Saturday, October 9th, 2020


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  • Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim Hike was never on my radar until I first hiked it back in 2016. Now that I’ve hiked this one four times now, I can honestly say this is, hands down, still one of my all-time favorite hikes. What’s one of your bucket list hikes? Tell me in the comments below.

  • Hi Hungry Hiker! I'm planning to do this hike in December with a couple of my friends. We're all 30 year old males, decently fit (with plans to train the rest of the year). Do you think planning to do this in 2 days is reasonable? I have no idea how long it will take us and that's been the hardest part about planning it so far. Some people take 4-5 days, some people run the whole damn thing. None of us have been hiking in a while but we wanted to do something epic and challenging.

  • You do not fully appreciate just how big the Grand Canyon is until you hike into it. Though the views from the rim are spectacular, there is nothing in the distant views to give you a reference to understand the scale of what you are seeing.

  • Can you do this hike in April? Thanks for the video!!

  • Planning a 2 day hike there next month. Really excited! Looking forward to see Ribbon Falls and other goodies up close! It’s gonna be cold. Haha

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Rim -> Rim -> Rim = cRRRazy! Awesome energy THH….

  • As a az res might I suggest doing this trip whilst snow is still reasonable for safe hiking g n driving ( the north rim is often closed to non residents)
    Its very beautiful when there is a dusting of snow on the cliffs n cacti etc !!!!
    Sure its cooler but in truth…… way less humans buzzing about 😉

  • About to go do this. Just going for rim to rim as I don't have the time. On a time crunch. Going to try and fit it in on a weekend after I get off work. Probably looking at going at the end of October.

  • I visited Arizona for the first time about two weeks ago. Dobbins Lookout had me fearful. I can’t imagine hiking the canyon. I’m too fearful of heights!

  • What brand of hiking shoes are you wearing? What time of year did you take this hike?

  • Looks awesome. I am planning to do R2R in 1st week of October.

  • While we never hiked "rim to rim TO RIM," my wife and I (while we lived in Arizona) hiked "through and off of the Corridor" at least twenty-six times … traveling in both directions. I honestly can't say which one I prefer: the South and the North Rims are simply so very(!) different.

    We very quickly learned this lesson: TAKE YOUR TIME. Our usual one-way itinerary was five days, stopping overnight at each camp. Playing in the creek. Walking out to Plateau Point with a flashlight for an unforgettable 270º sunset.

    We also learned one more thing: GOOKINAIDE! Electrolyte-replacement powder in your water bottles makes an enormous(!) difference in your overall comfort.

  • Were did you stay at the south rim?

  • What was the tablet you dropped into the cup of water?

  • Thanks for sharing your experience! Very helpful and informative! Question: my friends and I want to hike rim to rim, but we could only find lodging on the south side. Is it possible to start on the south, hike to the north and camp somewhere, and then hike back to the south the next day? An alternative plan was one group drives to the north to begin from there (4 hour drive), while another group starts earlier on the south rim heading to the north. As we cross paths, we would exchange keys, so that each group will only do rim to rim. Of course the group ending on the north side will have to drive back out to our airbnb near the south rim.

  • This is such an incredible hike – my wife and I just keep coming back to the Canyon, year after year after year, and it never gets old.

    Best advice: TAKE YOUR TIME. Stop at every camp along the way and stay overnight. Now you can linger at Ribbon Falls and Roaring Springs. You can poke around Phantom and check out both bridges. You can saunter up to Indian Gardens, drop your pack, make camp, and then walk out to Plateau Point for sunset! Next day, walk up to the rim and gorge yourself on "Rim To Rim Swag" at the gift shop! The biggest mistake that we made, the first time we did this – aside from failing to realize the importance of adding "Gookinaide" to our water bottles – was to omit Cottonwood and Indian Gardens from our itinerary. "Do not be rushed!"

  • Wonderful. Would soooo much love to do this

  • Wow. Thanks for bringing us along. I've only seen the Colorado river at high flows and very muddy. Didn't know it could be so clean/ clear. Do you have some logistical references for those of us looking to replicate this trip and or any other guidebooks or sites for trail information. What's the best time to hike here and how are supply points/ water sources? Thank you.

  • I'm in that 1% club 2x. Great video

  • Amazing!!! We did rim to rim in 4 days and loved it (you can check out our rim to rim adventure on our channel). We want to go back and do rim to rim to rim if we get the opportunity! Love your channel!

  • Great video! Makes me want to go back. I’ve hiked the rim to the river twice and the last time was in 2008. The canyon is indeed a magical place. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  • It’s a hard hike and I am proud of myself I did it ,,,, one percent club but I took a night camp in Indian garden

  • OH MY….I love this!!!!!

  • Thank you for taking us along. It was a wonderful hike. I loved every minute of it, and I didn’t break a sweat. God bless you. John

  • You got to do some of the other Grand Canyon Trails. There are way less people!!!

  • Very enjoyable to watch. Your videos have just the right amount of silent footage, narrative, & in person talking to keep us engaged. Very well done.

    Back in the early 80’s my dad took me down the Grand Canyon. We had lunch on the river & hiked out the trail we came down. My 2 most vivid memories – 1) the places on the trail where the livestock pack trains would relieve themselves (they always use the same places every day) & 2) my dad complaining because I went the same speed up as I went down. Your video brought back very fond memories for me – thank you for that

  • Wow, that's an impressive feat. A couple weeks ago, I hiked Rim to River to Rim for my 50th b-day. It took me about 11 hours. I don't know how you got up the second day and hiked back. My calves were done for days! A tip of the cap to you, HH.

  • We took pack mules and donkeys down. Got lost in a ghost town and accidentally locked into an old jail cell. We had to use our socks and shoes to create a lasso to get the keys off the hook.

  • Looks awesome! Heading there in may for R2R. A little nervous but excited! (Side note: do you recommend poles—I noticed you had them, and if so, how’d you get used to using them?) Thanks for an informative video—such pretty views!

  • Lots of people do hike down and don’t know the heat and die. Happens every year.

  • great video, you did it right and respected the special place that is the Grand Canyon. I have rowed it and ran across it at night and backpacked too many times to remember. You have been smitten by the lure of the canyon and will never be the same, only a better human. Congratulations for your adventures. Thomas , Grand Junction, Colorado

  • Kathleen, have you tried to hike the canyon in winter? The snow is makes it even more gorgeous, definitely want some traction device though, lol

  • Watching your video has inspired me to do this hike. I really want to do it now. It looks so beautiful.

  • Would you say from south to north is harder? I will be doing this hike this coming may. Thanks for the video

  • hi , me and my girl-friend are going there in 3 weeks, can you please tell me the model of those salomons you had in that video?- thanks

  • Super excited to be part of the 1% this coming spring!

  • So there’s no shuttle to go from South rim to North right now? I’m planning to do R2R in May.

  • Really informative hikes Rim to rim to rim. Wow !!

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