Hiking to Shelf and Solitude Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Day hike in the Glacier Gorge to Shelf Lake (11,220′) and Solitude Lake (11,420′), late summer, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA.
00:00 – Sunrise at Mills Lake
01:43 – Glacier Gorge trail to Solitude trail
03:10 – Two Logs Lead the way to Solitude
07:19 – Shelf Lake
09:17 – Solitude Lake
10:39 – GoPro Hero 8 time warp footage
12:29 – Final Thoughts
13:17 – Photos from the Hike

Hiking to Shelf and Solitude Lake: Stats
Distance: 9.36 Miles (via Fire trail both ways)
Elevation Gain: 2,411 ft
Total Time: 6 Hr 45m
Hiking Time: 5 Hr 35m

This day hike to Shelf and Solitude lakes is strenuous, steep, and requires moderate route finding skills. We completed the hike to Shelf and Solitude lakes in the August and the entire route was clear of snow and ice.

The route up to Shelf and Solitude lake offers great views of the surrounding east peaks of the Glacier Gorge. Storm Peak, Keyboard of the Winds, Longs Peak and Pagoda Mountain will appear behind you on your way up. Once up to Lake Solitude, the Spearhead, Powell Peak and Thatchtop Mountain will make up the background mountains.

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